What happens at the end of Garden of Words?

What happens at the end of Garden of Words?

What happens at the end of Garden of Words?

In the end, Takao continues his studies in Tokyo, while Yukari starts teaching again in her home town. During winter, Takao returns to the park. After reading a letter from Yukari, he places a pair of shoes (the ones he made for her) at the bench.

Is Garden of words connected to your name?

Shinkai Reveals Cameo of The Garden of Words’ Takao in your name. Makoto Shinkai ‘s your name. film made its television debut on Wednesday. After the broadcast, Shinkai revealed the answer in another Tweet. The glimpse of Takao appears near the end of the film.

What was the point of Garden of Words?

Shinkai wrote the story as a tale of “lonely sadness”, based on the meaning of the traditional Japanese word for “love”, and uses shoes as a metaphor for life. The story’s motifs include rain, Man’yōshū poetry, and the Japanese garden.

Who sang the song at the end of Furious 7?

So let me enlighten you: The song that ended Furious 7 was called “See You Again,” and was performed by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth.

Is The Garden of Words happy ending?

Both “The Garden of Words” and “5 Centimetres Per Second” are quite rooted in reality, so a happy ending is not present in both of these. However, in this movie, “The Garden of Words,” there is very little development in the characters and their romance, and when we start to care about them, the movie concludes.

Does 5 centimeters per second have a happy ending?

5 Centimeters Per Second (2007) – Ending Explained. Those who were expecting a happy ending from this anime, sadly, are not going to get what they want. So in the end, it’s clear that Takaki is never going to get with Akari ever again. However, why did Akari keep walking?

Is Weathering With You better than Your Name?

While Weathering With You has a slightly more lopsided love story, that doesn’t make it bad. But it does mean Your Name packs a much bigger emotional punch, while Weathering With You is thrilling in the moment but maybe dissipates a little after you think about it. Whichever film you prefer, one thing is for sure.

Should I watch Your Name before Weathering With You?

There’s a little cameo in weathering with you that you might really enjoy if you watch Your Name first.

Why is garden of words so good?

The animation is beautiful and the way the story is executed is superb. The plot is also very liberated and modern and I love that it is a student and teacher that fall for each other and I love that she is older and he is younger. I liked that they are both playing hooky despite one being a teacher.