What happens at the end of No Longer At Ease?

What happens at the end of No Longer At Ease?

What happens at the end of No Longer At Ease?

Because the beginning of No Longer At Ease has already provided us with the knowledge that Obi Okonkwo is guilty of corruption and accepting bribes, the actual ending of the novel is ironic. Achebe chooses not to belabor or repeat the scene in the courtroom where we learn of Obi’s guilt.

Where did Obi first meet Clara in the novel No Longer At Ease?

Obi first meets Clara at a dance in England. She is so beautiful that he becomes awkward around her and continuously steps on her toes; she doesn’t dance with him again. Then, by coincidence, they both take the same boat home from England to Nigeria.

What is the significance of the novel No Longer At Ease?

The title reflects the discomfort felt by the main character, Obi Okonkwo. His university education in England has left him feeling alienated from his family and friends. While in England, he was alone in a foreign place, thousands of miles from his family, speaking a foreign tongue.

What was the Umuofia Progressive Union scheme in No Longer At Ease?

The Umuofia Progressive Union (U.P.U) has given Obi a scholarship to study law in England, a scholarship that Obi has to pay back upon his return. And, thus, he leaves for England, stopping in Lagos on the way out. First, he changes his course of study to English and abandons law.

Where is No Longer at Ease set?

setting (place) Nigeria; specifically, Umuofia and Lagos. Sometimes the action moves back to London, but only briefly. major conflict The fact that Obi is caught between two worlds: that of a traditional Africa and that of a changing and new world that lives amidst two cultures (the English and the African).

Who is Clara in no longer at ease?

Clara is another character in the novel that is struggling in the changing world of pre-independence Nigeria. She is educated abroad, like Obi, and has a career as a nurse. She has a mind of her own and is often stubborn but shows herself to be quite caring, nevertheless.

What is the genre of no longer at ease?

No Longer at Ease/Genres

How is Obi characterized in no longer at ease?

The protagonist of the No Longer at Ease, Obi Okonkwo, is a young man born in Ibo in the Eastern Nigerian village of Umuofia. Obi finds himself at the beginning of a generation of change, caught between two worlds. He is unable to marry the woman that he loves because she is considered an outcast.

Is there a plot summary for no longer at ease?

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How does the trial of no longer at ease start?

No Longer At Ease, begins with a trial against Obi that takes place a while after his return, and the novel then works its way backward to explain how Obi has come to be charged with accepting a bribe. The Umuofia Progressive Union (U.P.U) has given Obi a scholarship to study law in England, a scholarship that Obi has to pay back…

What happens at the end of no longer at ease?

He continues to take bribes until the end of the novel, when Obi decides he cannot stand it anymore. He has paid off all of his debts and can no longer be a part of the corruption. It is at this moment, however, when he has taken his last bribe, that he is caught, which brings us back to the beginning of the novel.

Who was Clara in the book no longer at ease?

Before he left everyone gave him a party and the village pastor warned him to keep to his studies and stay out of trouble. On the ship back from England to Nigeria after his studies were completed, Obi met a bewitching girl named Clara. She was cold to him but they eventually kissed.