What is 320 slice CT angiogram?

What is 320 slice CT angiogram?

What is 320 slice CT angiogram?

The 320-slice volume scan offers 16 cm of imaging area in one rotation. This allows an image of the entire heart during one phase, rather than taking several images and stitching them together, as with 64-slice scanners.

Which is better CT coronary angiography or angiography?

Benefits and limitations. A CT angiogram is a less invasive test than a standard angiogram. A standard angiogram involves threading a thin tube called a catheter through an artery in your arm or leg up to the area being studied. But with a CT angiogram, no tubes are put in your body.

How good is a CT coronary angiogram?

Key Points. 64-slice CT coronary angiography has a high negative predictive value (95% to 100%) in stable patients with low pretest probability of coronary artery disease. CT coronary angiography has comparable sensitivity and specificity to traditional catheter based invasive coronary angiography.

How much time it takes for CT coronary angiogram?

Although the actual scanning portion of the test takes as few as five seconds, it may take up to an hour for the whole process to be completed.

What is the fastest CT scanner?

640-Slice CT Scanner Examines Patients Faster With Less Radiation

  • The 640-slice CT scanner uses 80% less radiation than conventional scanners.
  • 640-slice CT scanner can image the entire heart in less than one third of a second.

Is CT coronary angiogram harmful?

While a coronary CT angiogram is a safe procedure, potential risks include: Allergic reaction to the contrast dye, which can range from mild to severe and may include: Itching. Redness.

Who should have a CT coronary angiogram?

In patients at high risk for developing coronary disease (cigarette smokers, those with genetic risk, high cholesterol levels, hypertension, or diabetes), who have unclear results with treadmill or other testing, or who have symptoms suspicious of coronary disease, CT angiography is an excellent next step in the …