What is a DSP5 tune?

What is a DSP5 tune?

What is a DSP5 tune?

DSP2 is a customized ECM operating system developed by EFILive for the LB7 & LLY Duramax Diesels. In mid 2008 EFILive updated the DSP5 functionality to allow the user to chose between a hardwired switch or the V2 hardware sending serial data switching messages to the ECM to select the tune the truck is running.

What does a DSP5 switch do?

A five position switch that when used in conjunction with our DSP5 tuning is used to change tunes on the fly. *Includes Switch with two wires, Knob, Allen Key, Conduit, and Face-plate.

How much do EFILive tunes cost?

I do not have EFI live myself, but the hardware itself will usually cost around $800. Usually vendors will give you one or two free tunes when you purchase EFI live from them.

What are the 5 tunes on EFILive?

It includes 5 custom tunes for a DSP5 switch so that you can switch between tunes while driving. Our tunes are opt.stock, tow (w/ turbo braking), street, hot and race. Please specify in the stated area if you want any other specific tunes.

What is a dsp5?

• A Permanent Export License (DSP-5) is for the permanent export of unclassified articles or. hardware as found in the U.S. Munitions List (USML) under the ITAR. The DSP-5 can include hardware, software, or documents as well as approval for marketing and the hiring of foreign employees.

What is a DSP switch?

Your DSP switch is a voltage switch, each click is a different voltage. Depending on the voltage a different tune will be loaded. You only have to plug in the EFI live for diagnostics, loading tunes, etc.. In addition to programming the ECM you can program the TCM.

Are all DSP5 switches the same?

All the switch is it has different resistors inside so the ECM sees voltage drop to determine which tune you want. Resistors flow power the same each way. EFI-Live Tuned and Built By Dan’s Diesel Performance.

How do I know if my DSP5 switch is working?

DSP5 Trouble Shooting

  1. To verify that your DSP5 switch is working turn your key to the run position (truck can be running).
  2. Plug the SPADE into your truck using the OBD cable.
  3. Select Scan Tool and hit OK.
  4. Choose select PIDs and hit OK.

What is an EFI Live tune?

EFILive is a tuning tool that allows you to electronically crack open the stock ECU and TCM in ’01-to-current Chevys and GMCs, and ’06-to-’09 Cummins-powered Rams and access and adjust the data.

How much does it cost to get a diesel tuned?

Each setup is different, and also depending on what type of system is being used (piggy back, chip, stand-alone, supercharged, naturally aspirated, street or race only, etc) tune costs can range from $250 to $1500.

What is DSP4 tuning?

CSP4 and DSP4 allows customers to switch ‘on the fly’ between a number of different tunes, all stored in the ECM’s flash memory. By having multiple tunes instantly accessible, customers no longer need to re-flash their ECM to change their tunes to suit changing conditions (e.g. racing, towing or power limiting).

Can you switch EFI live on the fly?

The CSP5 Switch mounts inside your 2006-2018 Dodge 6.7L Cummins and allows you to switch your EFILive CSP5 Tuning “on-the-fly”. By adding the CSP5 switch to your EFI Live tuned Cummins, you can change tunes on the fly.