What is a kitchen unit carcass?

What is a kitchen unit carcass?

What is a kitchen unit carcass?

Carcasses are the units onto which doors and drawer fronts are attached – the internal framework of your kitchen. They have a structural role in terms of supporting the worktops, and of course provide storage and appliance housing. The density of the material will determine the lifetime of your kitchen cupboards.

Are all kitchen carcasses the same size?

The most common standard kitchen door size is 60cm. However, widths of 30cm, 40cm, 80cm and 100cm are also considered standard sized carcasses. Generally, 60cm kitchen units are fitted with one door, while the larger sizes often have two. These are important things to consider when designing your kitchen.

What are kitchen base units made from?

Cabinet frames and doors may be fashioned from solid wood (typically a species of hardwood), medium density fiberboard (MDF), particle board, plywood, or a combination, and may include lamination or a surface coating over these core materials.

What size are kitchen carcasses?

600mm width is the most common standard size for kitchen units. Widths of 300mm, 400mm, 500mm, 800mm and 1,000mm would all also be considered standard size carcasses. 600m length units will be fitted with a single door while the larger sized cabinets would usually have two doors.

Are in frame kitchens more expensive?

There is a cost difference between the two styles. In-frame shaker kitchens are about 20% more expensive than lay-on shaker kitchens. This is simply due to the amount of work involved in the making of in-frame kitchen furniture.

Are gloss kitchens more expensive?

Laminate gloss is an option you may wish to consider, as it’s a more cost effective material, for those on a restricted budget. Polished glass is a more expensive option, but offers an incredible highly reflective surface, flawless in its appearance.

How deep is a kitchen base unit?

The depth measurement is taken from the front outer front edge of the cabinet to the wall. Stock base cabinets are generally 24 inches deep (not counting countertop overhang). Deeper base cabinets make it difficult for you to reach the back of the counter or to plug-in appliances.

Are kitchen appliances standard sizes?

When it comes to appliances there are standard sizes but there are always exceptions, standard dishwasher is 24″W, although you can find them in 18″W but are usually more expensive. Stoves are usually 30″W, you can get them in 36″W and even as large as 48″W.

How deep are kitchen base units?

Typically, worktops are around 600mm – 650mm deep to accommodate base units. Our worktops are available in many different depths ranging from 600mm to 1,240mm – the larger sizes are well suited to kitchen islands.

What height are kitchen units?

top of base unit should be 870mm from floor plus 40mm of worktop would normally give a finished height og 910mm. this would then allow the plinths to be fitted without cutting down.

Are Inframe kitchens worth it?

They Look Better – A simple and elegant look, this type of kitchen design looks better no matter the style of your kitchen. They are more durable – In-frame kitchens use a much more rigid form of construction. While in-frame kitchen cost is higher than that of a frameless kitchen, the latter tends to be less durable.

What frame structure can you find in a kitchen?

The in-frame kitchen style An in-frame kitchen is where a frame is attached to the front edge of a kitchen unit and the doors are then placed inside the 36mm frame so that they open within it. This is a feature of traditional cabinetry that has become extremely popular again in recent years.