What is a philtrum groove?

What is a philtrum groove?

What is a philtrum groove?

The philtrum is the midline groove in the upper lip that runs from the top of the lip to the nose.

Why is the philtrum sensitive?

They are visible because the lips have one of the thinnest layers of skin on the body. 2. They are the most sensitive part on your body-they have over 1 million nerve endings.

What is the ideal philtrum?

In terms of this procedure, the upper lip refers to the area between the base of the columella (the middle column of the nose) and the reddish pink of the lip. Throughout facial plastic surgery, the ideal length of this area is said to be 12-15 millimeters.

Is it good to have a philtrum?

Function. In most mammals, the philtrum is a narrow groove that may carry dissolved odorants from the rhinarium or nose pad to the vomeronasal organ via ducts inside the mouth. For humans and most primates, the philtrum survives only as a vestigial medial depression between the nose and upper lip.

Why does philtrum get longer?

As we age, the skin between the nose and the red part of the upper lip, the vermillion, lengthens. This results in the upper lip actually getting longer and thinner, turning downward and thus inward.

What does a philtrum mean?

The philtrum is the vertical groove between the nose and upper lip.

Does the philtrum disappear with age?

The philtrum flattens and the upper lip tends to roll under and in some cases, completely disappear. As we age, we can experience bone loss and muscle atrophy, and increased space between the nostrils and the upper lip—all adding to a complete change of shape in the mouth and lips.

What causes a long philtrum?

Femoral-facial syndrome (FFS), also known as femoral hypoplasia-unusual facies syndrome (FHUFS), is a rare and sporadic multiple congenital anomaly syndrome comprising bilateral femoral hypoplasia and characteristic facial features, such as long philtrum, thin upper lip, micrognathia with or without cleft palate.

What does philtrum stand for in medical terms?

Philtrum (Lip Crease or ‘Person’s Center’) is a vertical, narrow and long groove that everyone has between the nose and upper lip. It mainly presents the reproductive system, also the personality.

What does a rank 5 lip philtrum look like?

The Rank 5 picture portrays a philtrum that is completely smooth and an upper lip that is very thin (characteristic of FAS). The philtrum is the vertical groove between the nose and upper lip.

What does Grade 3 mean on a Philtrum Guide?

Figure 3. Philtrum guide (Likert-scaled philtrum guide) Footnote: Lip–philtrum guide (left Caucasian, right African ethnicity) for assessment of thickness of the upper lip and smoothness of the philtrum (the vertical groove between nose and upper lip). Grade 3 = average appearance in the normal population.

What is the average length of a philtrum?

However, the Zankl et al. study found that the mean philtrum length for men 20 years of age is 1.78cm and 1.63 cm for women, then declines and will increase again at the age of 30. From 30 years old, males will have a mean philtrum length of 1.8cm and females 1.68. As the person ages, the philtrum grows for an average of about 0.05cm each year.