What is a squeeze film?

What is a squeeze film?

What is a squeeze film?

Vibration Control. Rotating equipment requires damping to control vibrations and prevent them from damaging the rotor, bearings and other components. A squeeze film damper is a layer of film between the bearing and the housing that softens the bearing support to increase damping effectiveness.

What is squeeze film lubrication?

The squeeze film phenomenon arises when the two lubricating surfaces move towards each other in the normal direction and generates a positive pressure, and hence supports a load. In most of these lubricating oils the additives of high molecular weight polymers are present as a kind of viscosity index improvers.

What is squeeze film effect?

The squeeze film effect is the ef- fect whereby a very thin layer of gas gets trapped between relatively large, parallel plate surfaces if these are kept in rel- ative motion versus one another. This effect is the result of an overpressure phenomenon present between the surfaces.

What is the squeeze film air damping?

The dynamics behavior of most micro-electro-mechanical-system (MEMS) devices is significantly affected by the squeeze-film air damping. By charging the pressure and measuring the overshoot M p and the settling time t s from the time response of the chip, the damping ratio ξ under different pressures can be calculated.

What is wedge journal bearing?

WEDGE FILM JOURNAL BEARINGSWEDGE FILM JOURNAL BEARINGS  The load carrying ability of a wedge-film journal bearing results when the journal and/or the bearing rotates relative to the load. Eg:- Static load bearings.

Where is boundary lubrication used?

Boundary lubrication mostly occurs under high-load and low-speed conditions in bearings, gears, piston rings, pumps, transmissions, etc. It usually represents the critical regime that limits the life of components.

What type of lubrication is broken down into two?

Full-film lubrication can be broken down into two forms: hydrodynamic and elastohydrodynamic. Hydrodynamic lubrication occurs when two surfaces in sliding motion (relative to each other) are fully separated by a film of fluid.

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Where does the squeeze film effect appear on a cam?

Squeeze film effect appears in this point. The point B is the top of the cam nose. The oil film shapes at the point A and at the point B are shown in Figs. 8 and 9, respectively. The squeeze film effect can be recognized at the point A because the film shapes near the centre have dents at 600 rpm and 1200 rpm in cam rotational speed.

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