What is an EAP drug?

What is an EAP drug?

What is an EAP drug?

The Exceptional Access Program ( EAP ) facilitates patient access to drugs not funded on the Ontario Drug Benefit ( ODB ) Formulary, or where no listed alternative is available. In order to receive coverage, the patient must be eligible to receive benefits under the Ontario Drug Benefit ( ODB ) program.

What are Lu codes?

code required for certain drugs to indicate that a patient meets specific criteria for coverage.

What is the Ontario drug Benefit formulary?

The Ontario Drug Benefit (ODB) program is the public drug funding system of Ontario. It covers 4,400 prescription drugs products contained in the provincial formulary. Many oncology and hematology medications are obtained through the EAP process.

Can I be fired for using EAP?

Taking action, such as termination, against an employee who refuses the EAP referral or does not comply with treatment may result in claims of disability discrimination based on a perceived disability.

Who is eligible for EAP?

Your spouse or same-sex domestic partner and children under the age of 19 are also automatically enrolled in the Employee Assistance Program. “Children” includes biological children, stepchildren, your legally adopted children, any foster child or child for whom you are the legal guardian, pursuant to court order.

What is covered under ODB?

The ODB program covers the majority of the cost for more than 4,300 prescription drug products for Ontario residents. The program can also help you pay for allergy shots and EpiPen®, some diabetes monitoring and testing products, some prescribed over-the-counter drugs and some nutrition products.

What does Lu mean on a pill?

Drug: Sertraline Hydrochloride. Strength: 50 mg. Pill Imprint: L U D02. Color: Blue. Shape: Elliptical / Oval View Images & Details.

What does Lu mean on a prescription?

Limited Use (LU) drugs are those drugs recommended by the CED as having value in specific circumstances, although they may not be appropriate for general listing in the Formulary/CDI.

Can I get reimbursed for prescriptions?

Claims filed within 30 days of the prescription being filled can be directly reimbursed through the pharmacy where the prescription was filled/purchased. The plan member will need to present their carrier ID card and a receipt showing the amount they originally paid.

What drugs does Manulife cover?

EDARBI. Atacand Plus, Avalide, Diovan Plus, Hyzaar, Micardis Plus, Olmetec Plus, Teveten Plus and their generics.

  • EDARBYCHLOR. Atacand, Teveten, Avapro, Cozaar, Micardis, Diovan, Olmetec and their generics.