What is an equal opportunities monitoring form?

What is an equal opportunities monitoring form?

What is an equal opportunities monitoring form?

Equal opportunities recruitment monitoring form (GDPR compliant) This equal opportunities monitoring form includes sections on ethnicity, gender and disability and includes a request for the individual to give their consent, under data protection legislation, to process the information.

What does equality monitoring mean?

Equality monitoring is the process of gathering equality information in relation to customers or staff and analysing the data in order to identify areas for improvement, in order to help ensure equality of access, both in terms of service delivery and employment opportunities.

How do you explain equal opportunity?

Equal opportunity, also called equality of opportunity, in political theory, the idea that people ought to be able to compete on equal terms, or on a “level playing field,” for advantaged offices and positions.

Do employers have to monitor equal opportunities?

For many employers, ie those in the private and voluntary sectors in particular, it is not, subject to the above, mandatory to monitor the other equality characteristics of your workforces, such as race, disability, age or sexual orientation.

Do I have to complete an equal opportunities form?

Completion of this form is voluntary and if you do not wish to answer any question(s), this will not affect your application in any way. For more information on what personal data we collect and why, please read our Privacy Policy.

What is diversity monitoring?

‘Equality and diversity monitoring’ is where anonymous data collected about people is analysed to look for differences between groupings.

Why do we do equality monitoring?

Equality and diversity monitoring can help identify current and future needs, possible inequalities including problems accessing or using services and information, as well as checking that a cross-section of people have been reached and given their views.

What is the purpose of equal opportunity?

Equal employment opportunity (EEO) refers to practices that are designed so that all applicants and employees are treated similarly without regard to protected characteristics such as race and sex.

What is the direct discrimination?

Direct discrimination is when you’re treated differently and worse than someone else for certain reasons. The Equality Act says you’ve been treated less favourably. Direct discrimination can be because of: age. disability.

What is the purpose of equal opportunities form?

Our equal opportunities monitoring form enables you to gather personal information about job applicants in order to ensure that your recruitment process is being carried out fairly and in a non-discriminatory way.

What is equal opportunity?

Equal opportunity is a state of fairness in which individuals are treated similarly, unhampered by artificial barriers or prejudices or preferences, except when particular distinctions can be explicitly justified. Equal opportunity is central to the concept of meritocracy. …