What is Awqaf Dubai?

What is Awqaf Dubai?

What is Awqaf Dubai?

The General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments (GAIAE) or (Awqaf) (Arabic: الهيئة العامة للشؤون الاسلامية والاوقاف‎) is a federal agency of the government of the United Arab Emirates. The Department is also known as Awqaf, and it is responsible for awqaf (in Islamic law, a religious endowment).

What is the meaning of waqf in Quran?

Waqf came from Arabic word which means : make endowment of the land and give it. to the needy. 3. . It is a religious endowment, recognized by Shariah as religious, pious or.

What is Awqaf ministry?

The Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs is one of the governmental institutions active in the Palestinian society because of its role in supporting the society culturally, socially and intellectually, and promoting it to achieve and strengthen the relationship of society to the Islamic religion.

What is Wakaf land?

Wakaf is an endowment made by a Muslim, in the form of land or building, to a religious, educational or charitable cause.

What is Shaban date today in UAE?

Islamic date today (September 08, 2021) in United Arab Emirates is 1 Safar 1443.

Who is a mutawalli?

Mutawalli is manager of the waqf-property. The person, who supervises or takes over the management of a waqf, is called the mutawalli. He is superintendent of the property.

What is endowment ministry?

His Excellency the Minister of Endowments and Islamic Affairs has overall responsibility for all Endowments and Islamic Affairs issues, including: Overviewing the endowments department, the Zakat charity fund, and the building and licensing of mosques.

What is private waqf?

Private Waqf- This type of Waqf is created for the settlor’s own family and his descendants and is also known as ‘Waqf-ulal-Aulad’. It is a kind of family settlement in the form of waqf.

Who can be mutawalli?

Both male and female of any religion can be appointed as a mutawalli. The mutawalli must be capable of performing the particular duties under the wakf. If religious duty or spiritual functions are a part of the duties of a mutawalli, a female and non-muslim cannot be appointed as a mutawalli.