What is Bohler M390 steel?

What is Bohler M390 steel?

What is Bohler M390 steel?

BÖHLER M390 MICROCLEAN is a martensitic chromium steel produced with powder metallurgy. Due to its alloying concept this steel offers extremely high wear resistance and high corrosion resistance – the perfect combination for best application properties.

Is Bohler M390 good?

Böhler M390 is one of the most popular types of steel at the moment. It is praised for its excellent sharpness retention.

What is M390 steel used for?

M390 is one of the new super steels on the block, manufactured by Bohler-Uddeholm (result of merger of Austrian Bohler and Swedish Uddeholm). It uses third generation powder metal technology and developed for knife blades requiring excellent corrosion resistance and very high hardness for excellent wear resistance.

Is S90V better than M390?

M390 is usually cheaper, easier to sharpen and has more corrosion resistance than S90V. If your going for very high wear resistance then S110V is king in the (near future of) production knives, keeping S90V into the sprint run and custom market.

Is S90V tougher than 20CV?

20CV is tougher and retains sharpness for a longer time than S30V. However, it is easier to sharpen an S30V edge. Both steels have the same corrosion resistance.

Is S90V better than S110V?

S90V and S110V both offer superior carbide structure and toughness when compared with M398. S90V offers somewhat better toughness and edge retention making it more balanced for applications that need only medium corrosion resistance. If more corrosion resistance is required then S110V is the way to go.

Is M390 better than S35VN?

S35VN and M390 are both great steels. The main differences between the two are ease of sharpening and edge retention. S35VN is easier to sharpen, but doesn’t have as good edge retention. M390 has better edge retention, but is harder to sharpen.

Does M390 steel rust?

As such it is not suited to be used on large knives. In addition, if you don’t have the right equipment M390 could be a little more difficult to sharpen. It is the result of all these alloy elements: they make sharpening a lot more difficult. Even Böhler M390 stainless steel can rust!

Is S90V better than 20CV?

CPM 20CV vs S90V S90V is also a super steel material from Crucible. So, both ensure extremely good edge retention. Nevertheless, S90V is a bit better at resisting wear. On the other hand, CPM 20CV is relatively easier to sharpen and is better at resistance to rust and corrosion.