What is call flow in Telecom?

What is call flow in Telecom?

What is call flow in Telecom?

Call flow describes the process by which a network routes a call to a mobile device. Even LTE devices still use 3G networks for most voice calls. 3G call flow is different in a GSM network than in a CDMA network.

What is VoIP call flow?

Voice over IP (VoIP) is a relatively new way to make phone calls which cost less and include clever, flexible features. VoIP is a system which allows someone to make a phone call using their home phone but over an internet based connection rather than using the land line.

What call flow is?

A call flow is the organizational process, typically audio files and menu options, of the caller’s experience prior to agent assignment. A call flow can be the inbound auto-attendant, an inbound or outbound IVR, or the call’s in-queue handling.

What are the steps of call flow?

Such calls likely include sales, customer service, and quality control. Each will likely include the basic steps of greeting, the discovery of the issue the customer (or potential customer) wants to discuss, the solution offered, any further service or product to be offered, and closing statement.

How to create a call flow diagram in Visio?

Get answers from your peers along with millions of IT pros who visit Spiceworks. I am looking to create a call flow diagram in Visio. Does anyone know of any good stencils?

How do you create a data flow diagram?

In the Search box, enter data flow diagram, and then press Enter. In the search results, select the Data Flow Diagram template, and then select Create. A new, blank diagram opens and the Shapes window shows a stencil of data flow shapes.

How to understand call flows for Microsoft Teams?

There are four general principles that help you understand call flows for Microsoft Teams: A Microsoft Teams conference is hosted by Microsoft 365 or Office 365 in the same region where the first participant joined.

When to use a vertical or horizontal flowchart?

A vertical flowchart best used for top-down processes or systems that involve hierarchies, or have many component processes. A cross-functional flowchart best used for a process that includes tasks shared across roles or functions. Organizational chart best used to show hierarchy levels and reporting relationships, in an attractive, modern format.