What is choice corollary?

What is choice corollary?

What is choice corollary?

Choice Corollary: A person chooses for himself that alternative in a dichotomized construct through which he anticipates the greater possibility for extension and definition of his system.

What is an example of personal construct?

A personal construct is a bipolar mental template, consisting of something and its perceived opposite. For example, one person might develop the personal construct dimension of “safety versus adventure,” in which safety is seen as objectionable and boring.

Why do we make the choices we do according to Kelly’s choice corollary?

The choice corollary Kelly says that we will choose to do what we anticipate will most likely elaborate our construction system, that is, improve our understanding, our ability to anticipate. Reality places limits on what we can experience or do, but we choose how to construe, or interpret, that reality.

How did Kelly define elaborative choice?

The client might choose to be miserable and submissive rather than uncomfortable with a new aggressive course of action. In all cases, people make what Kelly termed “the elaborative choice”: that which gives them a better position from which to anticipate future events.

What are the types of corollary?

He followed this with eleven corollaries.

  • The construction corollary. We conservatively construct anticipation based on past experiences.
  • The experience corollary.
  • The dichotomy corollary.
  • The organizational corollary.
  • The range corollary.
  • The modulation corollary.
  • The choice corollary.
  • The individuality corollary.

What are the 11 corollaries?

Terms in this set (11)

  • Construction corollary. construct anticipation based on past experience – conservative.
  • Experience corollary. unexpected results lead to reconstruction of expectations.
  • Dichotomy corollary.
  • Organization corollary.
  • Range corollary.
  • Modulation corollary.
  • Choice corollary.
  • Individuality corollary.

What are the 11 supporting corollaries?

What is constructive Alternativism?

1. The proposition that a person is not limited to just one way of making sense of the world. People have the capacity to revise how they understand and interpret the world, or construe new ways of making sense of their worlds.

What is corollary example?

A statement that follows with little or no proof required from an already proven statement. For example, it is a theorem in geometry that the angles opposite two congruent sides of a triangle are also congruent. A corollary to that statement is that an equilateral triangle is also equiangular.

How do I prove a corollary?

In mathematics, a corollary is a theorem connected by a short proof to an existing theorem. The use of the term corollary, rather than proposition or theorem, is intrinsically subjective. More formally, proposition B is a corollary of proposition A, if B can be readily deduced from A or is self-evident from its proof.

Why does poor Jim continue to act in a hostile manner even when rebuffed for it instead of being friendly Kelly would say Jim?

constructs can include one or more subordinate constructs. Instead of being friendly, Jim continues to act in a hostile manner even when rebuffed for it. Jim makes a low-risk choice of behaving in a hostile manner because he can predict how others will react to it.