What is dock box?

What is dock box?

What is dock box?

Dock boxes are used as a storage place to keep your dock and boating accessories safe and sound. Many may recognize these boxes as outdoor storage and indoor storage boxes, but all of them serve the same purpose.

Are dock boxes waterproof?

Wood Dock Boxes Despite the most careful efforts, wooden dock boxes naturally allow in at least some water. It’s not as waterproof as other dock box options available, and is not rodent‐proof. Additionally, fresh water and salt water can be very damaging to wooden dock boxes to both structure and aesthetics.

What do you store in a dock box?

Dock boxes are the perfect place to store every item you will need to make sure boating trips are always a good time.

  1. A small stereo and music collection.
  2. Water skis or wakeboards for adrenaline junkies.
  3. Floats or noodles for lounging in the water.
  4. Balls and games that kids can enjoy for an entire day.

What is a dock box used for?

Dock boxes are widely used by boaters to store the essential tools and equipment to make sure their boat remains in ship shape all the time.

How much is a Mazarine dock box?

Our product retails for $5,900. The Cost of Goods Sold for a MAZARINE is $1,380, which leaves a gross margin of 76.7% for operating costs such as materials, supplies, labor & overhead.

How do you clean a dock box?

Clean your dock box with cold water and a mild liquid detergent. You may also use a chlorine-free bathroom or kitchen cleaner spray that is safe for use on tiles. Do not use steel wool pads or scrapers; these will scratch the finish and make the surface more vulnerable to staining.

How do you attach a dock box to a dock?

Attach Hinge Backing Plate on the inside of the dock box to the Hinge Bracket. Attach only (1) Female Hinge to dock box lid. Then slide lide onto base and attach other Female Hinge. Attach Cable to Dock Box Base and Lid.

How do you secure a dock box?

First, slide the Dock Box Mounts into the Receivers. Next, secure mounts with the supplied quick release pin. Finally, place your dock box on the mounts and secure with provided stainless steel fasteners. Dock Box mounts require two Receivers.