What is frequency hopping spread PPT?

What is frequency hopping spread PPT?

What is frequency hopping spread PPT?

7 Frequency Hopping spread spectrum It is the repeated switching of frequencies during radio transmission, often to minimize the effectiveness of “electronic warfare” – that is, the unauthorized interception or jamming of telecommunications.

What is fast frequency hopping?

Fast Frequency Hopping (FFH) One data bit is divided over multiple hops. In fast hopping, coherent signal detection is difficult, and seldom used. Mostly, FSK or MFSK modulation is used.

What is the principle of frequency hopping spread spectrum?

Frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) is a method of transmitting radio signals by rapidly changing the carrier frequency among many distinct frequencies occupying a large spectral band. The changes are controlled by a code known to both transmitter and receiver.

What are the types of frequency hopping spread spectrum?

There are basically two types of Spread Spectrum modulation techniques: Frequency Hopping (FHSS) and Direct Sequence (DSSS).

Is spread spectrum digital or analog?

Spread-spectrum clock generation (SSCG) is used in some synchronous digital systems, especially those containing microprocessors, to reduce the spectral density of the electromagnetic interference (EMI) that these systems generate.

What is DSSS technique?

In telecommunications, direct-sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) is a spread-spectrum modulation technique primarily used to reduce overall signal interference. With DSSS, the message bits are modulated by a pseudorandom bit sequence known as a spreading sequence.

What are the applications of fast frequency hopping?

Frequency hopping spread spectrum techniques have been successfully implemented in many space systems and avionics systems for multiple access communications, protection against jamming and interference and various C3 (Communication, Command and Control) applications.

What is slow frequency and fast frequency hopping?

In slow frequency hopping, multiple symbols are transmitted in one frequency hop. In fast frequency hopping, multiple hops are required to transmit one symbol. One or more symbols are transmitted over the same carrier frequency. One symbol is transmitted over multiple carriers in different hops.

Which type of demodulator is used in the frequency hopping technique?

Which type of demodulator is used in the frequency hopping technique? Explanation: As it is difficult to maintain phase coherence, non coherent demodulator is used.

What are the spread spectrum techniques?

There are four generic types of spread spectrum signals:

  • Direct Sequence (DS) – The carrier of a DS source stays at a fixed frequency. Narrowband information is spread out into a much larger bandwidth using a pseudo-random chip sequence.
  • Pseudo noise (PN)
  • Frequency Hopping (FHA)
  • Linear Frequency Modulation (chirp)