What is G and P in pregnancy?

What is G and P in pregnancy?

What is G and P in pregnancy?

A more elaborate coding system used elsewhere, including America, is GTPAL (G = gravidity, T = term deliveries, P = preterm deliveries, A = abortions or miscarriages, L = live births).

How do you write a Gravida status?

When one or more of the numbers is 0, the preferred form is to write out the terms: gravida 2, para 0, abortus 2.

  1. G: gravida (number of pregnancies)
  2. P: para (number of births of viable offspring)
  3. A or Ab: abortus (abortions)
  4. nulligravida gravida 0: no pregnancies.
  5. primigravida gravida 1, G1: 1 pregnancy.

What does Para mean in obstetrics?

Para: Any woman who has given birth once or more is termed a “para.” Note that, for a pregnancy to count as a “birth,” it must go to at least 20 weeks’ gestation (the mid-point of a full-term pregnancy) or yield an infant that weighs at least 500 grams, irrespective of whether the infant is live born or not.

What does g3p3 stand for?

Quick version: Gravida means pregnancies and Para means live births. If your patient has had a miscarriage and two live births, you could say she was Gravida 3, Para 2 or simply G3 P2. If the patient has had an abortion, a third notation (A) for Abortus can be used.

What does G4P3003 mean?

® G4P3003-a woman who is currently pregnant, three full term births, three living children.

What does TPAL stand for?

TPAL is an acronym for term births (T), premature births (P), abortions (A), and living children (L).

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