What is radiation safety program?

What is radiation safety program?

What is radiation safety program?

The Radiation Safety Program is designed to protect users, staff, patients, the general public and the environment from radiation exposure and to ensure the safe receipt, handling, use and storage of radioactive materials.

What safety requirements are inplace to protect healthcare professionals from excess radiation?

Keeping the time of exposure to a minimum, Maintaining distance from the source, When appropriate, placing a shield between yourself and the source, and. Protecting yourself against radioactive contamination by using proper protective clothing.

How can you protect against ionizing radiation?

When it comes to ionizing radiation, remember time, distance, and shielding:

  1. Minimize time spent in areas with elevated radiation levels.
  2. Maximize distance from source(s) of radiation.
  3. Use shielding for radiation sources (i.e., placing an appropriate shield between source(s) of radiation and workers).

Where can I get training in radiation safety?

Our radiation safety professionals offer the following training: To learn more about our radiation safety training, contact Engelhardt & Associates, Inc. Our radiation consultants have experience helping a variety of industries improve safety and meet government regulations. We specialize in radiation safety for industries, including:

How to contact radiation safety and control services?

We provide comprehensive radiation safety training and radiation training simulators, to promote the safe use of radioactive materials, and offer a full-service calibration laboratory, and much more. Call 800.525.8339 to see why RSCS is the right choice for radiological project management services.

What did the RAD Group do for You?

“ The RAD Group’s ‘training’ did not feel like training at all; instead it was about teaching us a new way of life. The skills are universal and can be used in every part of your life. Many returned after the training to share how they had already put the skills to work in their own life.

What do you need to know about radiation safety?

We specialize in radiation safety for industries, including: From licensing and procedure writing to compliance audits and material disposal, our radiation consultants evaluate the needs of your facility and provide the resources and assistance you need to operate safely and efficiently.