What is SSO in Cognos?

What is SSO in Cognos?

What is SSO in Cognos?

When you enable single sign-on (SSO) between IBM® Cognos® Real-time Monitoring and IBM Cognos Business Intelligence, users need to log in only once to either application. They gain access to the other application without a repeated prompt for authentication.

Does Cognos support SAML?

IBM Cognos supports the most common directory providers (LDAP, AD) and OpenID Connect protocol for two-factor authentication. These limitations demand a flexible security model to support custom directory providers (in-house WebService, database, third party provider) and protocols (SAML, OpenID).

What is Cognos role?

Each role has a specific set of access permissions and can be used to secure different components and functions in IBM Cognos software. You can use the predefined roles, or delete them. There are two types of predefined Cognos roles: non-license roles and license roles.

Is Cognos any good?

“Overall I’m pretty happy with Cognos. It’s a pretty phenominal tool for engineers and developers.” “It has been a solid tool for our company for last so many years. IT meets out current needs in terms of performance and capabilities.”

How do I change my password in Cognos analytics?

To use the administrative console to change a IBM Cognos BI password, complete the following steps:

  1. From the administrative console, click Security > Global security.
  2. Click JAAS – J2C authentication data and enter the new password.

How do you add a user to a group in Cognos?

Add members individually to the new group or role in the following ways:

  1. Locate the new group or role in the Cognos namespace.
  2. From the group or role More menu, click View members, and click.
  3. In the Add members panel, click the required namespace and locate the user, group, or role that you want to add.

What are all the advantages of Cognos?

Some of these are: Lower costs—reduces maintenance due to complete report coverage and a zero-footprint environment. Faster results—shortens reporting time due to seamless integration and adaptive authoring. Improved decision making—reports and dashboards present data in easily-understood formats.

How can I see active users in Cognos?

View Active Users

  1. On the Maintain menu, click User/View Active Users. The View Active Users dialog box opens.
  2. A list of all users currently logged on to the IBM Cognos® applications is displayed. The list displays the user ID, the application the user is working with and the database.

How do I add users to Cognos analytics?

Creating and managing users

  1. Click Manage > Accounts.
  2. Click the Cognos namespace to open it.
  3. Click the new user. icon, and in the New user dialog box, type the required information, including the user ID and password. Click OK. The user name is added to the list of entries in the Cognos namespace.

What is Cognos Insight and benefits of it?

IBM Cognos® Insight is a personal analytics solution that empowers analysts and business users to assemble and explore all types of data through a dynamic, highly personalized interface.

What is a strength of IBM Cognos analytics?

In Analytics, IBM Cognos Business Intelligence covers a phenomenal 97% of functions. This gives IBM’s software a major advantage over other software packages, which provide an average 63% of features and functions for this module. IBM Cognos Business Intelligence is a viable option in the Analytics module.