What is the best Lithuanian vodka?

What is the best Lithuanian vodka?

What is the best Lithuanian vodka?

Most Popular Lithuanian Vodkas

Wine Name Grape Avg Price
Alita Muskatas Sweet Sparkling, Lithuania Muscat $11
Gera Premium Vodka, Lithuania Vodka $15
Stumbras Lithuanian Gold Vodka, Lithuania Vodka $11
Tsarsky Pokrov Original Vodka, Lithuania Vodka $8

Is Lithuanian vodka good?

The Lithuanian Vodka family exposes all characteristics necessary for excellent representation of strong Lithuanian drinks. It is the most popular vodka in Lithuania and is also known in many countries internationally. The Beverage Testing Institute rated it as Highly Recommended – Silver Medal.

Did Lithuania invent vodka?

Lithuanians, however, claim that the Russians didn’t know how to make real vodka until the Russian chemist D. Mendeleev (1834-1907) discovered the process of the rectification of the alcohol.

What is Lithuanian vodka made from?

It is distilled from lux-grade grain neutral spirit and water that has been carefully filtered six times. This is how STUMBRAS VODKA Pure – which stands out for its clarity, exceptionally smooth flavor and harmonious aroma – is born. STUMBRAS VODKA Pure is traditionally consumed straight and chilled, in a shot glass.

What alcohol is popular in Lithuania?

Krupnik (Polish, Belarusian) or Krupnikas (Lithuanian) is a traditional sweet alcoholic drink similar to a liqueur, based on grain spirit (usually vodka) and honey, popular in Poland, Belarus and Lithuania.

What is Lithuanian vodka?

LITHUANIAN VODKA Gold is produced in accordance with special requirements; it is a vodka produced in Lithuania with a recognized and protected geographical indication. This is a beverage with an unusually pure and mild taste, so it is traditionally consumed chilled, in a shot glass.

What alcohol is Lithuania known for?

A famous Lithuanian spirit is midus, a mild alcoholic beverage made from honey.

What country makes the best vodka?

In fact, Poland is now regarded as the world’s leading producer of vodka – thanks to the roaring success of brands like Zubrowka, which holds a steady place in the heart of many people who appreciate this drink and its many possibilities.

Who invented vodka?

Some claim that it originated as early as the 8th or 9th century in either Poland or Russia. Regardless of when or where it originated, a liquor called vodka was present in Russia during the 14th century.

Are Lithuanians alcoholics?

Alcohol addiction in Lithuania was 611.5 per population of 100,000. Mean aged 45–49 accounted for the majority of alcohol-related diseases. The rate was more than three times higher among men than among women.

What do Lithuanians drink alcohol?

Traditional Lithuanian beverages are gira (a non-alcoholic drink made from rye bread), kisielius (fruity cranberry drink), beer, various spirit drinks with fruit or herbal infusions and, of course, mead.