What is the best snowboard stance?

What is the best snowboard stance?

What is the best snowboard stance?

You don’t want to be too upright when you are snowboarding. You want your knees slightly bent even in a relaxed position. For this reason the high-backs should be on a slight angle tilting forward (towards the board).

What does REF stance mean?

Reference Stance Width: The stance width that the manufacturer of the board considers the most likely stance width for that board. You will always be able to set up your bindings narrower or wider than the reference stance width. In other words the bindings are centred on the board.

What stance do pro snowboarders use?


Pro Goofy or Regular? Stance Width
Jake Blauvelt Regular 22.5″
Jamie Anderson Regular 21.5″
Jamie Nicholls Goofy 22″
Jenny Jones Goofy One back from reference on back foot

What is faster ski or snowboard?

The world record for skiing is 252 km/h (157 mph), which is astonishingly fast. In contrast, the snowboarding record is 203 km/h (126 mph). This is still pretty fast, of course, but skiing wins in this aspect in my opinion.

What is stance setback?

What is a setback stance? Snowboards are designed to have the rider’s feet either centered on the snowboard (lengthways) or setback. Setback basically means that your back binding will be set up closer to the tail (back) of your snowboard than your front binding is from the nose (front).

What does a wider snowboard stance do?

It effects your board control and you can feel even small changes that you make to your stance width: Wide stance – more stability, harder turn transitions (used more by freestyle snowboarders) Narrow stance – less stability, easier turn transitions (used more by freeride snowboarders)

What should my stance width be on my snowboard?

The width should be roughly equal to the distance from the middle of your kneecap to the ground, or about 1 inch (2.5 cm) more than the width of your shoulders.

What is goofy stance in snowboarding?

Goofy-footers skate with their right foot at the front of the board and push with their left foot. “Riding regular” means that you skate with your left foot as your front foot and push your board with your right foot.

What stance does Shaun White use?

What setups do the professionals use?

name stance angles stance category
Jesse Burtner +25/+3 forward
Shaun White* +15/+4 forward
Ross Powers** +21/+9 forward
Tricia Byrnes +21/+12 forward

What is duck stance in snowboarding?

If you’re new to snowboarding, mount your snowboard bindings in what is called the “duck stance” position, where both feet are angled away from each other. Many snowboarders position the front binding at a 15° angle and the rear binding at somewhere between 0° and a -6° angle.