What is the difference between Porsche 996 and 997?

What is the difference between Porsche 996 and 997?

What is the difference between Porsche 996 and 997?

However, the most notable aesthetic difference between the 997 and the 996 was the return to oval headlights like those of pre-996 Carreras, with separate indicator units. The interior was re-designed with new controls; however, it was more reminiscent of classic 911 interiors than of the outgoing 996.

What is the most expensive Porsche you can buy?

Five most expensive Porsche models

  • Porsche 917K. Price – 14,000,000$
  • Porsche 956. Price – 10,000,000$
  • Porsche 550 Spyder. Price– 6,100,000$
  • Porsche 959 Paris – Dakar. Price– 5,900,000$
  • Porsche 911 GT1 Strassenversion. Price – 5,600,000$

Which is better 996 turbo or 997 S?

The 996 Turbo 911 and the 997 S model are currently floating in a similar price range. Thus, there have been some heated debates about which one is the better call. There are many varying opinions on this, and Mjposner on the Rennlist forums asks which users would choose, assuming the same color and condition.

Which is the best mod for a Porsche 996?

With its dynamic 10-spoke design, it evokes a LeMans racer kind of look that’s perfect for widebody 996s. The straight multispoke design goes especially well with Turbos, Carrera 4S Widebody and GT3 996 models. Ruger M590 19×8.5 / 19×11 Brushed Grigio on Porsche 996 Turbo

Are there any modifications to the Porsche 911?

However, not all modifications can be considered an upgrade. In fact, the Total 911 team believe that some tweaks to your Porsche 911 should be avoided at all costs. Here they are: The five-leaf Fuchs wheel design is an intrinsic part of the Porsche 911’s heritage.

When did Porshe stop making the Porsche 996?

In 1999, Porshe moved on from the 993 (last of the air-cooled) and into the 996 (first of the water-cooled) which marked a year of big changes for the 911 heritage. The 996 retained the front suspension, their rear multi-link suspension, and the 6-speed manual transmission from the 993.