What is the first WWE game?

What is the first WWE game?

What is the first WWE game?

Exciting Pro Wrestling 4
Known in Japan as Exciting Pro Wrestling 4. Was the first video game released under the WWE acronym, due to the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) changing their name to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

How many WWE 2K games are there?

Template:Use mdy dates Template:Infobox VG series WWE 2K is a series of more than 20 professional wrestling video games currently developed by Visual Concepts and Yuke’s and published by 2K Sports.

What was the last WWE game made?


2000 WWF SmackDown!
2016 WWE 2K17
2017 WWE 2K18
2018 WWE 2K19
2019 WWE 2K20

How old is the first WWE game?

Arcade-based games WWF Superstars was released in 1989. This marked the first arcade-based WWF/E game. WWF WrestleFest was released in 1991 and was distributed by Technōs in Japan and North America and by Tecmo in Europe and Australasia. WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade Game was released in 1995.

How many copies did WWE 2K19 sell?

364,738 Units
WWE 2K19 Sells an Estimated 364,738 Units First Week at Retail on PS4 and Xbox One – Sales. The professional wrestling game from publisher 2K Sports and developer Visual Concepts – WWE 2K19 – sold 364,738 units first week at retail, according to our estimates.

How many video games have the undertaker?

Over the course of three decades, The Undertaker has featured in no fewer than 56 video games. That’s from his first appearance in WWF Super WrestleMania in 1992, all the way up to his inclusion in last year’s WWE 2K20, and this year’s beat ’em up RPG The King of Fighters All Star.

Why is WWE 2K20 so bad?

2K Games have been using the same engine for years, and it’s obviously tired. A 2K15 match plays exactly like one in 2020 with only minor shifts. It’s long past time WWE overhauled it to make the matches flow as right now, the games are more tedious and routine than typical WWE programming.