What is the function of Phlogam Tablet?

What is the function of Phlogam Tablet?

What is the function of Phlogam Tablet?

Phlogam Tablet helps relieve pain and inflammation that may occur due to trauma, surgery or everyday activity. It may also be used to relieve inflammation in rheumatic and degenerative conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

What is Disperzyme drug used for?

Disperzyme Tablet is a pain relieving medicine. It is used in the treatment of various conditions such as fever, headache, arthritis related pain, menstrual cramps, and toothache.

What is the composition of Tablet?

Tablets may be defined as the solid unit dosage form of medicament or medicaments with suitable excipients. It comprises a mixture of active substances and excipients, usually in powder form, pressed or compacted from a powder into a solid dose. Tablets are prepared either by molding or by compression.

What is Zerodol P Tablet used for?

Zerodol P is a pain-relieving medicine, and it is categorized as a painkiller. We use it to reduce pain in over 15 conditions. It includes ankylosing spondylitis, dental pain, headache, mild migraine, osteoarthritis, muscle pain, etc. However, always consult a doctor before consuming it.

Is Disperzyme a pain killer?

Yes, DISPERZYME CD TABLET may be used to treat menstrual cramps. DISPERZYME CD TABLET is a pain killer that produces substances in the body against pain and swelling.

What are the types of dissolution instruments?

There are seven USP-defined types of dissolution apparatus: baskets, paddles, reciprocating cylinders, flow through cells, paddle over disk types, cylinders, and reciprocating holders. Although USP 2 paddles are most widely used, most dissolution apparatus incorporate any number of each type (often all of them) .

How long Zerodol P can be taken?

If you are using the medication for a condition associated with long-term pain then Zerodol-P Tablet should be continued for as long as advised by your physician. It can be discontinued if you are using it for short-term pain relief.