What is the function of pinacoderm?

What is the function of pinacoderm?

What is the function of pinacoderm?

For example, epithelial-like cells called pinacocytes form the outermost body, called a pinacoderm, that serves a protective function similar that of our epidermis. Scattered among the pinacoderm are the ostia that allow entry of water into the body of the sponge.

What are pinacocytes and choanocytes?

Choanocytes are cells with a flagellum while pinacocytes make up the pinacoderm of sponges. Both provide important cellular advantages to the sponge. Choanocytes help in accumulating oxygen and nutrients while pinacocytes provide a shape to the body through contraction and relaxation.

What is Choanoderm in biology?

The choanoderm is a type of cell layer composed of flagellated collar cells, or choanocytes, found in sponges. The sponge body is mostly a connective tissue; the mesohyl, over which are applied epithelioid monolayers of cells, the outer pinacoderm and the inner choanoderm.

What do sponges do?

Sponges feed by straining food particles from water. As water enters a sponge, Page 2 it carries tiny organisms such as bacteria and protists. Collar cells on the inside of the central cavity trap these food particles and digest them. Sponges are very efficient at removing food particles from water.

What is the function of Ostia and osculum?

Ostia are tiny pores present all over the body of sponges. its function is to let the water, along with desire nutrient flows interior of the sponges. Osculum is a excretory structure opening to the outside through which current of water exist after passing through the spongocoel.

What are the three classes of sponges?

The approximately 5,000 living sponge species are classified in the phylum Porifera, which is composed of three distinct groups, the Hexactinellida (glass sponges), the Demospongia, and the Calcarea (calcareous sponges). Sponges are characterized by the possession of a feeding system unique among animals.

What is choanocytes and its uses?

Choanocytes are specialized cells that have a single flagellum surrounded by a net-like collar of microvilli (Figure 3). Choanocytes join together creating the choanoderm, where they perform two major functions. The first is to create a flow of water and the second is to capture food items as they pass by these cells.

What is the difference between Pinacoderm and choanoderm?

Pinacoderm is an epithelial layer of flattened cells called pinacocytes. It is the outer cell layer or external skin of sponges. In contrast, choanoderm is the inner cell layer composed of specialized flagellated cells called choanocytes.

What is Pinacoderm and choanoderm Class 11?

Hint: Pinacoderm and choanoderm are the outermost and innermost layers of sponges covering the hollow spongocoel. They are made of pinacocytes and choanocytes respectively. Complete answer: The correct answer is C. Sponges are a clade belonging to the phylum porifera.