What is the Oxford partial knee replacement made of?

What is the Oxford partial knee replacement made of?

What is the Oxford partial knee replacement made of?

The Oxford® Partial knee is the first partial implant with an artificial meniscal bearing designed to glide freely throughout the knee’s range of motion, more closely replicating normal movement.

What is a partial knee replacement called?

In unicompartmental knee replacement (also called “partial” knee replacement) only a portion of the knee is resurfaced. This procedure is an alternative to total knee replacement for patients whose disease is limited to just one area of the knee.

How long does an Oxford knee replacement last?

The Oxford® Knee Replacement is the first implant that can accomplish this task with proven long term success of good or excellent results of 95% at 15 years and beyond.

How soon can you walk after a partial knee replacement?

You may be able to walk without a cane or walker after 1 or 2 weeks. You will need to do months of physical rehabilitation (rehab) after a knee replacement. Rehab will help you strengthen the muscles of the knee and help you regain movement.

Why do partial knee replacements fail?

What causes a knee replacement implant to fail? The primary causes of knee implant failure are wear and loosening, infection, instability, leg fractures, or stiffness.

How long are you off work for a partial knee replacement?

You will probably need to take 6 to 12 weeks off from work. When you can go back to work depends on the type of work you do and how you feel. Ask your doctor when it is okay for you to have sex.

Is the Oxford partial knee a good knee replacement?

If arthritis pain is slowing you down, you might be thinking total knee replacement is your only option. But here’s good news from Zimmer Biomet.The Oxford® Partial Knee may be all you need. The Oxford Partial Knee offers you more. Less pain, faster recovery, more natural motion.* Keep up to 75% of your healthy knee.*

Is the Oxford partial knee from Zimmer Biomet safe?

But with the Oxford Partial Knee from Zimmer Biomet, you can keep up to 75% of your healthy knee – for a more rapid recovery 1 with more natural motion. *4-5 And now, Zimmer Biomet offers the only Partial Knee Lifetime Implant Replacement Warranty.† Who knew a partial knee could offer so much?

What is the CPT code for the knee?

Physician CPT® Code Description Arthroplasty 27446 Arthroplasty, knee, condyle and plateau; medial or lateral compartment.

How long does it take to recover from Oxford Knee replacement?

New pain management techniques are utilized for all type of knee replacement surgery including the Oxford Partial Replacement. As a result, patients typically are much more comfortable in the immediate postoperative period. These new techniques include nerve blocks that numb the leg for up to 18 to 24 hours.