What is the point of eurythmy?

What is the point of eurythmy?

What is the point of eurythmy?

One of the primary artistic aims of Eurythmy is to make speech and music visible. When speech or music sound forth, the air becomes alive with movement that is normally invisible to the human eye.

What does eurythmy mean in art?

The word eurythmy comes from the Greek and means beautiful or harmonious movement. It is an expressive art form, also called visible song and visible speech.

Who invented eurythmy?

Rudolf Steiner
Eurythmy is an expressive movement art originated by Rudolf Steiner in conjunction with Marie von Sivers in the early 20th century.

Is eurythmy a dancer?

Eurythmy was started by Rudolf Steiner as a performance art to make music and speech visible in artistic form. Rather than self-expression, modern dance began as a disciplined, meditatively-based art form. Steiner took this to new heights to create, through dance, visible music and visible speech.

What is Bothmer movement?

Bothmer Movement International is a worldwide association of active movement teachers and therapists. Our aim is to bring the Idea of organic movement into sport, education, therapy and self developement, by an inclusion of a holistic view of the human being.

How do I become a eurythmy teacher?

A classical eurythmy training takes a minimum of four years. That is: four years of a full-time training, five days a week, 5-8 hours a day, 9-10 months a year. A eurythmy training is rigorous as a training in a musical conservatory, as an art degree, as a pre-med major.

How many Anthroposophists are there?

Financially, the General Anthroposophical Society is supported by approximately 45,500 members worldwide through their annual membership contributions.

How do I get Waldorf certified?

To become a Waldorf teacher requires special training — first in Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy and the Arts; then in early childhood, elementary, or high school Waldorf teacher training; finally in ongoing Waldorf refresher courses.

What is eurythmy Waldorf?

Eurythmy is an expressive movement art unique to Waldorf education that incorporates dance, music, and poetry. Students develop a repertoire of moves and rhythms as they move through the grades, with performances guided by live music or spoken texts (poems, plays, stories).

Where can I study eurythmy?

The Training The School of Eurythmy offers a complete, full-time training in eurythmy, which leads to a diploma recognized by the Section for the Performing Arts, at the Goetheanum, in Dornach, Switzerland.