What is the problem in Julie of the Wolves?

What is the problem in Julie of the Wolves?

What is the problem in Julie of the Wolves?

The main conflict is Miyax trying to find her way to a harbor to sail to San Francisco. Another major conflict, is when Miyax finds out her father is alive. The most important is that she finds a way to communicate with a wolf pack so she doesnít starve.

What is the plot of Julie of the Wolves?

It follows the experiences of a native Alaskan girl-Julie/Miyax-through a series of difficult life transitions, including the death of her mother, the death of her father, an unhappy stay with her aunt, a marriage at thirteen to an alcoholic, abusive husband, and an episode of sexual assault.

Is there a Julie of the Wolves movie?

Archipelago Films is currently developing a feature film based on the Newbery Award winning children’s classic “Julie of the Wolves.” As in the book, Julie is an orphaned teenage Inupiat Eskimo who flees an abusive relationship only to find herself lost and starving to death on the Alaskan tundra.

How old is Julie in Julie of the Wolves?

The book starts with Julie, who is also known as Miyax, a thirteen-year-old girl. She is lost in the Alaskan wilderness because she has run away from her home in the town of Barrow, Alaska. Julie is heading to San Francisco, where she is planning to meet her pen pal Amy.

What is the resolution of Julie of the Wolves?

Resolution. As Miyax heads back to the tundra, her pet plover Tornait dies. She understands this as a sign that “the hour of the wolf and the Eskimo is over”. The days of living closely with nature are no longer realistic.

Who is Sister Julie of the Wolves?

Julie/Miyax (My-yax) is an Inuk girl torn between modern Alaska and the old Inuit tradition. After her mother’s death, she is raised by her father Kapugen (Kah-Pue-Jen). In his care, Miyax becomes an intelligent and observant girl at one with the Arctic tundra.

Who dies in Julie of the Wolves?

Disgusted, Miyax runs away again. But when Tornait dies from the cold, Miyax knows that “The hour of the wolf and the Eskimo is over” (3.263), and so she heads back toward town to live with her father.

What is the main conflict between Aunt Martha and Miyax?

Conflict. To escape Aunt Martha, Miyax agrees to a marriage arrangement with an Eskimo boy named Daniel. Being married to Daniel is like having a brother until Daniel tries to attack Miyax. After this, Miyax decides to run away to her pen pal, Amy, in San Francisco.

What are the names of the wolves in Julie of the wolves?

When the story starts, the pack consists of himself, his mate Aaka, his brother and beta Zing, his and Aaka′s daughter Sweet Fur Amy (referred to as Amy in the previous book), Kapu and Zing′s mother Silver, and her mate Raw Bones, the former alpha of the Colville River.

Why did Miyax leave her husband?

Miyax – who in the flashback calls herself by her English name, Julie – was shipped off to a town called Barrow, where she found herself in an arranged marriage to a troubled boy named Daniel. Devastated, Miyax knows she can’t return to civilization, so she decides to live life as an Eskimo out in the wild.