What is the weight of a grader?

What is the weight of a grader?

What is the weight of a grader?

Motor graders, also known as road graders, range in size from 120 horsepower and operating weight around 13,000 pounds, to more than 500 horsepower weighing in at more than 150,000 pounds.

What does VHP stand for on a grader?

Variable Horsepower
Each of the graders offers improved performance and fuel efficiency with a new electronically controlled Cat engine. Variable Horsepower (VHP) and VHP Plus provide more precise delivery of power as the system automatically adjusts according to gear selection.

How much does a Caterpillar road grader weigh?


Gross Vehicle Weight – Base – Front Axle 9561 lbs (4,337 kg)
Gross Vehicle Weight – Base – Rear Axle 26993 lbs (12,244 kg)
Gross Vehicle Weight – Base – Total 36554 lbs (16,581 kg)
Gross Vehicle Weight – Maximum – Front Axle 16606 lbs (7,532 kg)
Gross Vehicle Weight – Maximum – Rear Axle 35287 lbs (16,006 kg)

How heavy is a 14m grader?


Operating Weight – Typically Equipped 57250 lb 25968 kg
Gross Vehicle Weight – Base* – Total 50980 lb 23124 kg
Gross Vehicle Weight – Base* – Front Axle 13994 lb 6344 kg
Gross Vehicle Weight – Typically Equipped – Total 57250 lb 25968 kg
Gross Vehicle Weight – Typically Equipped – Rear Axle 42005 lb 19053 kg

What is variable horsepower?

Variable horsepower and constant torque applications include conveyors, cranes, and gear-type pumps. In these applications, the torque is constant because the load doesn’t change. The material speed remains constant, which means the horsepower doesn’t change.

What is motor grader used for?

Motor grader is one of the pieces of construction machinery that is used to create a well smooth, wide-ranging, and level surface. Most commonly motor graders are used for the maintenance of road. It spread the soil and then flattens that soil.

How much is a motor grader?

Motor graders range in price from about $60,000 to $500,000. That may seem like a wide range, but there are many different sizes and types of motor graders on the market. Full-size motor graders start at about $200,000. Most 130 hp to 180 hp machines fall in the $200,000 to $300,000 range.

How much does a cat 14m weigh?

How much fuel does a motor grader use per hour?

Diesel power, now almost uni versally available, has greatly reduced the operating cost of road-maintenance equipment. Heavy motor graders are being- operated on an average of about 11/2 gallons of diesel fuel per hour. Total operating costs are also surprisingly low.

How many horsepower does a caterpillar 140h motor grader have?

It features a 3306 turbocharged engine that produces up to 185 flywheel horsepower (fwhp), and direct drive powershift transmission with electronic control. Other specifications may differ slightly based on where a 140H motor grader was built and in what year.

How tall is the 140 motor grader blade?

140 Motor Grader Specifications Maximum Shoulder Reach Outside of Tires Blade 3.7 m (12 ft) 4.3 m (14 ft) Right 1928 mm 76 in 2233 mm 88 in Left 1764 mm 69.4 in 2201 mm 86.7 in • An additional 300 mm (11.8 in) of reach can be achieved to the right or left by changing the side shift mounting bracket on the 4.3 m (14 ft) blade. Ripper

What makes a good specalog for a motor grader?

Structures, Drawbar, Circle and Moldboard Durable structures with fast and simple DCM adjustments save you service time. Shims and wear strips save you money and make it easy to maintain factory tightness of components for better grading results. Hydraulics Load sensing, proportional hydraulics mean operators can rely on consistent power.

How much horsepower does a 12m AWD Motor grade have?

Motor Graders 12M 140M 140M AWD 160M Engine Model Cat C7 ACERT™ Cat C7 ACERT Cat C9 ACERT Cat C9 ACERT Base Power (1st gear) – Net 136 kW 183 hp 136 kW 183 hp 159 kW 213 hp 159 kW 213 hp Base Power (1st gear) – Net (Metric) 186 hp 186 hp 216 hp 216 hp VHP Plus Range – Net 136-159 kW 183-213 hp 136-174 kW 183-233 hp