What is triple reduction gearbox?

What is triple reduction gearbox?

What is triple reduction gearbox?

The triple reduction gearbox is the input to the main drive pinion of one leaf of the bridge. The gearbox is designed to transmit 112.5 h.p. at 174 rpm with a reduction ratio of 71.05:1.

What is a helical gear reducer?

The power source of a machine or an automation control system is usually either a motor or an engine. There is usually a gearbox that complements the engine through an output shaft. The helical reducer is a major component of the gearbox that amplifies the torque and controls the speed.

What is a double reduction gearbox?

Greaves Double Reduction Speed Reducers are two stage worm reduction units. The composite units provide the most compact and rigid arrangement for large reduction of speed necessary for slow moving machinery. …

Why helical gears are preferred in transmission?

Helical Gears have teeth that are set on an angle to the gear axis. Since the teeth engage more gradually, they have a smoother and quieter operation than spur gears. Helical gears also have greater tooth strength and a higher load carrying capacity.

What is helical gearbox?

Helical gears are one type of cylindrical gears where the teeth are curved into a helix shape. Compared to spur gears (straight teeth), properly designed helical gears can have a larger total contact ratio which can improve vibration and noise. Badly designed helical gears can be noisier than well designed spur gears.

What is conveyor gearbox?

A conveyor gearbox is the heart of any conveyance system. The gearbox is the center of the conveyor system that pulls the various belts, chains, and rollers to move the products.

Which gear has highest speed reduction?

Worm gears are perhaps the most costeffective reduction solution, but usually have a minimum 5:1 ratio and lose considerable efficiency as ratios go higher. Bevel reducers are very efficient but have an effective speed reduction upper limit of 6:1.

Which gear is used for high speed?

Helical gear Another name given to the spur gearing is helical gearing in which the teeth are inclined to the axis of the shaft. There are single and double helical gears. The double helical gears are known as herringbone gears. Helical gear is used for high speed running and heavy duty gear drives.

What is the purpose of a reduction gearbox?

Equipment used to convert the output shaft revolutions of the main engine to those required to rotate the propeller. Gearboxes consist of meshing teeth on pinions and wheels which transfer power from a drive shaft to a driven shaft and reduce speed.