What is visa 13A?

What is visa 13A?

What is visa 13A?

The 13(a) Non-Quota Visa is issued to foreign nationals who have contracted a valid marriage, recognized by Philippine laws, with a Filipino citizen. While waiting for the visa approval, the Applicant can stay in the Philippines under a tourist visa and extend the status as applicable.

How much is 13A visa in the Philippines?

Payment of Immigrant Visa Fee of $150.00 cashier’s check if in person; if by mail cashier’s check or US Postal Money Order. Proof of Philippine citizenship of Filipino spouse (e.g. Philippine passport or Philippine birth certificate) Marriage Certificate, both the original and a photocopy.

What is the requirements of 13A visa?

Applicant must be married to a Filipino citizen unmarried children under twenty-one (21) years of age of a Filipino citizen, if accompanying or following to join such citizen. Applicant must submit the following documents: Application form for immigrant visa (FA Form No.

How much does it cost for 13A visa?

Costs. Currently the Probationary 13A and the 13A Amended to Permanent visas are each 8620PHP plus $50 for the ACR-I card under each visa.

How long does a 13A visa last?

The 13A visa can let you stay in the Philippines for one-year multiple entries. The 13A visa should be renewed yearly for three (3) consecutive years. The first time you apply for the 13A visa will be considered as a PROBATIONARY.

How do I get 13A?

Who are eligible for a 13a Marriage Visa (Immigrant Permanent Visa)

  1. Has a valid marriage with a Filipino.
  2. Marriage is recognized as valid under Philippine laws.
  3. No record of derogatory information by an enforcement agency.
  4. Without a dangerous or contagious disease.

Can I work with a 13A visa?

Yes, The Non-Quota Immigrant visa by marriage ( 13a visa) permits the foreign national to have local employment in the Philippines without getting a Special Work Permit (SWP).