March 18, 2021

What size is the axle nut on a 2007 Pontiac g6?

What size is the axle nut on a 2007 Pontiac g6?


How much is a wheel bearing for a Pontiac g6?

Pontiac G6 Wheel Bearing/Hub Assembly-Front – Best Wheel Bearing/Hub Assembly-Front Parts for Pontiac G6 – Price $107.0+

How bad is a bad ball joint?

Over time of use, the ball joint can get damaged, especially around 70,000 miles. It is never recommended to drive with a bad ball joint. A bad ball joint results in excessive vibration in the suspension system, clicking noise from the front part of your vehicle, uneven tire wear, and steering wandering and vibrating.

How long will a bad ball joint last?

Generally speaking, you should expect to have to have your ball joints replaced between 70,000 to 150,000 miles of driving. Excessive play in the joint can cause additional wear, and if a ball joint fails, your car’s suspension could collapse and you could lose control of the vehicle.

What happens if a ball joint goes out while driving?

Ball joint failure isn’t a common problem, but can be the result of years of driving along bumpy, uneven road surfaces. A broken ball joint may be the cause of a mysterious clunking noise or drifting steering. If a ball joint fails completely, it can even result in the wheel dramatically falling off the car.