What time do Cambridge decisions come out?

What time do Cambridge decisions come out?

What time do Cambridge decisions come out?

All decisions (offer, pool and unsuccessful) will be emailed to applicants by 17:00 (UK Time) on Tuesday 25 January 2022. Offer letters ONLY will be sent eletronically to applicants from dates to be confirmed.

How long does it take to hear back from Cambridge?

How long does the process take? Around 90% of applications are considered by the department within 12 weeks. Many applicants will receive a decision earlier than this.

What percentage of applicants get an interview at Cambridge?

The majority of applicants are invited to attend an interview. In previous years, this has been around 75 per cent of Home applicants overall (though this varies between courses).

What month are Cambridge interviews?

Interviews usually take place during the first three weeks of December, though some may be in early January. A small number of candidates may be invited to a further interview in January after the main interview period. If you decide to apply, keep this time free of any unbreakable commitments!

Does Cambridge give unconditional offers?

If you’re still studying, an offer will be conditional and dependent on achieving certain grades in the qualifications you’re taking (the University makes unconditional offers only to those who have already met the conditions for entry to their chosen course).

Can I apply to Cambridge after the deadline?

You can still apply after the deadline, if the course has places available, but your application won’t be guaranteed to get equal consideration.

How hard are Cambridge interviews?

They’re tough! The entire process is rigorous and challenging, and the interview is a key point for students with equally good grades to distinguish themselves. You’ll sit anywhere between 1 and 3 interviews depending on the College and course you apply for, with each one lasting roughly around 30 minutes.

When do you get an interview for Cambridge University?

The majority of interviews in Cambridge take place in the first three weeks of December (some may be a little earlier). January 2021 Early January: Winter pool takes place and decisions posted to applicants. A small number of applicants may be asked to attend a further interview.

When do the University of Cambridge admissions tests start?

The dates for the November test session for 2021 and 2022 have now been agreed, and are: 3 November 2021. 2 November 2022. This session currently includes: University of Cambridge pre-interview assessments. University of Oxford admissions tests. BioMedical Admissions Test (BMAT) – November.

Is there an interview period for Emmanuel College Cambridge?

Emails inviting applicants to interview in Cambridge will be sent during this period. PLEASE NOTE: it may be necessary to incorporate further dates. Admissions interview period for those invited to interview by the College (excluding organ scholarship applicants and those being interviewed by the Overseas Teams).

When do I get my email for Cambridge?

Emails to applicants who are not selected for interview in Cambridge will be sent during this period. Please note: those applying for subjects that have an at-interview assessment, may receive an email before 14 November.