What tires does Honda Pilot come with?

What tires does Honda Pilot come with?

What tires does Honda Pilot come with?

Luckily, it’s pretty simple. Here’s a rundown using the 245/50R20 201H tires that come standard on the 2020 Honda Pilot with 20-inch wheels: 245 – is the measurement of the width of the tire’s tread, in this case 245 millimeters.

How long should tires last on a Honda Pilot?

How Long Do the Tires Last? The OEM tires on a Honda Pilot can last anywhere between 30,000 to 50,000 miles. Your frequency of driving will largely determine the lifespan of your tires.

When Should Honda Pilot tires be replaced?

Honda Pilot Tire Replacement For tires that have less than 2/32nd inch of tread left, a repair simply isn’t possible – even if the tire damage is minimal. Tires with this tread depth or less are no longer safe, so it’s time to replace the damaged tire.

What are the problems with a 2006 Honda Pilot?

Top 2006 Honda Pilot Problems

  • Warped Front Brake Rotors May Cause Vibration When Braking.
  • Overheated Wire Harness May Cause Low Beams to Fail.
  • Map light dose not turn on when opening door.
  • Water Leak Due to Poor Seal at Side Marker Wire Harness.
  • Knocking Noise From Front End, Stabilizer Link Issues.

How much do new tires cost for a Honda Pilot?

Daily 2020 Honda Pilot tires are priced between $150 – $350 per tire, however, High-performance tires can price anywhere between well over $500.

What size tires does a 2006 Honda Pilot use?

2006 Honda Pilot Tires Sizes, Speed Ratings, and Inflation

Trim Level Tire Size Speed Rating
2006 Honda Pilot LX Shop P235/70R16 S
2006 Honda Pilot EX Shop P235/70R16 S
2006 Honda Pilot EX-L Shop P235/70R16 S

How many miles can tire last?

As a general rule, the original tires on a new vehicle or quality replacement tires should last up to 50,000 miles. However, many factors will have a significant impact on any tire’s life and may substantially shorten its life expectancy.