August 18, 2021

What to put on your CV when you have no experience?

What to put on your CV when you have no experience?

How to Write a Great CV with No Work ExperienceIdentify your most impressive qualities. via GIPHY. Open with a personal statement. via GIPHY. List skills rather than roles. via GIPHY. Don’t forget obvious skills. via GIPHY. Treat your extra-curricular activities like jobs. via GIPHY. Play up your degree. via GIPHY. Add some personality. via GIPHY. 3 Comments.

What to do when you don’t have professional references?

Call the company where your reference used to work and ask if they have new contact details. Some companies won’t give out home phone numbers. But you could ask them to call and ask your reference to get in touch with you. You could also try to find your reference on social media networks.

Is it bad to say not to contact a former employer?

It is common practice to say “no” to contacting your current employer. Employers understand this and won’t be concerned if you request that they not contact your current employer. Not giving permission to contact previous employers can give a negative impression.