What value do rites of passage have?

What value do rites of passage have?

What value do rites of passage have?

Because they make coming into adulthood a conscious and intentional process, healthy rites of passage cultivate a sense of personal purpose, a sense of cultural history, personal and social responsibility, a connection to nature, an acknowledgement of their new social role as adults and a sense of welcome into the …

Do Rites of Passage matter?

Rites of passage foster a sense of renewal, since they mark the beginning of a new phase in our lives. They remind us that we are constantly evolving and that life is a transformative journey. On the other hand, they also provide a sense of belonging, since a rite of passage is always performed by and for a community.

When did rites of passage come out on DVD?

The film was released straight-to-DVD on October 16, 2012. The trailer for the film was released on late 2011, and can be viewed on the official Rites of Passage website, Facebook page, and YouTube . The film premiered at the Isla Vista Theatre in Isla Vista, Calif.

Who are the actors in rites of passage?

Cast overview, first billed only: Wes Bentley Benny Kate Maberly Dani Ryan Donowho Nathan Travis Van Winkle Hart Briana Evigan Penelope

Who is the founder of rite of passage?

A rite of passage—a term first coined by French ethnographer Arnold Van Gennep (1960) and popularized by the American anthropologist Victor Turner (1970)—is a ritual or set of rituals that moves participants from one state of social being to another: child to adult, fiancé to wife, student to graduate.

What happens at the end of Rites of passage?

Dani and Nash are taken to a hospital but before he leaves Nash tells Nathan that he has passed the test and become a man thanks to the rites of passage ceremony. At the end of the film Delgado is seemingly revived and runs of into the distance and the film ends. Sex, Drugs and an Ancient Ritual Anthropology 101 is a Killer!