What was the first commercial jingle?

What was the first commercial jingle?

What was the first commercial jingle?

The honour of being the first jingle to be ‘broadcast’ is usually attributed to General Mills, who’s catchy ditty for “Wheaties – “the best breakfast food in the land” – was first heard on Christmas Eve of 1926.

What is a good jingle?

A well-composed jingle will stick with people, playing on repeat in their heads, perhaps even being hummed aloud. A few listens to an effective jingle will recall memory and emotion—hopefully positive—even years down the line.

Are jingles dead?

Jingles dominated the American advertising sector for a large portion of the mid to late 1900s. But now they’ve mostly become a relic of a bygone era. Well, the demise is a result of both a shift in the advertising industry and a hit song by Michael Jackson.

When did the first commercial jingle Come Out?

A great commercial jingle makes an ad memorable. Jingles really became popular back in the 1950’s with the dawn of television. And since then jingles have continued to entertain us and get stuck in our heads. They really make commercials stand out and often elevate the radio or TV commercial to pop culture status.

What are some of the best 80s commercial jingles?

What are the best 80s commercial jingles? 1 1. Cornetto. Walls Cornetto Ad Watch later. 2 2. Juicy Fruit. 3 3. Coca-Cola. 4 4. KitKat. 5 5. Mountain Dew.

What was the most popular commercial in the 1980s?

In fact, one could argue that there is a type of tune that’s even catchier than a Top 40 hit: commercial jingles. In a 2003 study from the University of Cincinnati, researchers found that a 1988 Kit-Kat commercial was one of the most common earworms out there.

Why was the Peller commercial so popular in the 1980s?

It made Peller a star, and introduced the world to a rhetorical question that served as the perfect insult for just about anything. This 1980s commercial jingle spoke to the child in all of us—the part that would rather be playing with toys than going to work or studying.