When did Boston Garden become TD Garden?

When did Boston Garden become TD Garden?

When did Boston Garden become TD Garden?

July 1, 2005
On July 1, 2005, the facility was officially renamed the TD Banknorth Garden in honor of the original Boston Garden. In early 2005, while still searching for a long-term corporate sponsor, the FleetCenter conducted auctions on eBay to sell one-day naming rights.

When did the original Boston Garden close?

Kennedy in November 1960. Boston Garden was demolished in 1998, three years after the completion of its successor arena, TD Garden.

When was the new TD Garden built?

TD Garden is the home of the Boston Celtics National Basketball Association team and the Boston Bruins National Hockey League team. The new garden opened in 1995, replacing the legendary original Boston Garden building (1928-1995).

Did the old Boston Garden have air conditioning?

The old Boston Garden opened on November 17, 1928 as the “Boston Madison Square Garden. The Boston Garden was a revered building, but it certainly had its flaws— the largest one being its lack of air conditioning. Here is an early-morning shot of the demolition in April of 1998.

Who owns Boston Garden?

Delaware North
TD Garden/Owners

Why is the Boston Garden called the Garden?

For its predecessor, see Boston Garden. Ellerbe Becket, Inc. TD Garden is a sports arena in Boston, Massachusetts. It is named after its sponsor, TD Bank, N.A. and is often simply called The Garden, The New Garden/Boston Garden II (to distinguish that from the original Boston Garden), or the traditional Boston Garden.

How old is the Boston Garden?

93c. 1928
Boston Madison Square Garden Club/Age

How old is the Boston Celtics floor?

She’d fought through traffic for the final chance to visit the floor that has played host to all of Boston’s 16 championship teams, and every player in basketball’s Hall of Fame. The parquet, which has been in use 53 years, was being officially retired after last night’s game against Atlanta.

What happened to Boston Garden?

Luckily for fans of Boston sports, someone took some footage of the old Garden just before it was torn down after the new Garden — now called “TD Garden” — was finished in 1995. The old Garden sat vacant for three years, but was finally demolished in 1998.

How old is the Boston Bruins franchise?


Boston Bruins
Founded 1924
History Boston Bruins 1924–present
Home arena TD Garden
City Boston, Massachusetts

Who was the first manager of the Boston Garden?

A group led by Rickard, John S. Hammond, and William F. Carey of the Madison Square Garden Corporation, as well as Boston businessmen Charles F. Adams and Huntington Hardwick, signed a 25-year lease for the arena. Sheldon Fairbanks was chosen to be the arena’s first general manager.

When was the last game at the Boston Garden?

The Boston Garden officially closed its doors in 1995, and the venue remained vacant for three years. The last official event held in the old Garden was fittingly an exhibition game between the Bruins and Montreal Canadiens. An aerial shot shows the old Boston Garden site in July of 1998.

When was the parquet floor added to the Boston Garden?

The parquet floor was built and installed in the aforementioned Boston Arena (first home of the Bruins hockey team) and moved to the Garden in 1952. It is said the Celtics knew which way the basketball would bounce off any section of the floor; this was one contributing factor to the Celtics’ many NBA championships.

Where to Park between the public garden and Boston Common?

The most convenient parking for both the Public Garden and Boston Common is the Boston Common Garage. The garage entrance is between the two parks. You may use these directions to get to the parks as well as the Boston Common Garage: