When was Berndnaut smilde born?

When was Berndnaut smilde born?

When was Berndnaut smilde born?

1978 (age 43 years)
Berndnaut Smilde/Date of birth

Berndnaut Smilde was born in 1978 in Groningen, The Netherlands. He currently lives and works in Amsterdam.

How does Berndnaut smilde make clouds?

Berndnaut Smilde creates clouds to photograph in odd places—here, in China’s Shanghai Himalayas Museum—using smoke and mist machines. The ingredients for Smilde’s clouds: just smoke and water vapor. He requires a cold and damp space with no air circulation, lest the clouds never form or fall straight to the ground.

Did a Dutch artist create a cloud in a room?

A Dutch artist is generating a storm of attention with his art – Berndnaut Smilde creates clouds indoors. The delicate displays only exist for a brief moment in time, leaving just a photograph or an image in the mind of the few who see him at work.

Who created a cloud in a room?

Berndnaut Smilde
Berndnaut Smilde’s Cloud Art An indoor cloud, made by Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde. He uses simple smoke machine, combined with the perfect indoor moisture and dramatic lighting to create an indoor cloud effect.

What is a cloud interior?

Our Story. Cloud Interiors is an interior design and styling company based in Reading, Berkshire, and is owned by Karly Hughes. Specialising in residential design for private clients, our aim is to provide you with sophisticated, elegant living spaces that feel both comfortable and luxurious.

Can you create a cloud?

In this activity, you can make your own cloud to see for yourself! Clouds form from the condensation or freezing of water vapor. In this activity, the gas is water vapor and the liquid is the cloud you create. When water vapor cools, it turns into a liquid – or condenses – onto a surface.

How do you make real clouds in a room?

Make a Cloud in a Bottle

  1. Materials. Transparent glass jar.
  2. Form the water vapor. Fill a jar with 2 inches (5 cm) of warm water and stir.
  3. Form smoke particles. Ask an adult to light a match, blow it out and quickly drop it into the jar.
  4. Cool it.
  5. Watch the cloud appear.
  6. Make it disappear.
  7. The real deal.

Can a cloud be created in a room?

Yes, indoors. As strange as it might sound, Smilde has mastered the art of controlling the weather conditions of a room by making clouds appear inside the oddest of spaces.

Can you make a cloud inside?

Can indoor clouds rain?

The air expands, causing it to cool. Its water vapor condenses on atmospheric dust and may form a cloud. Indoors, warm, moist air can’t rise high because of ceilings. But any drops that form on airborne dust don’t get large enough to fall as rain.

Can you catch a cloud in a jar?

Pour 1 cup of hot boiling water into a glass jar. Place a 3-5 pieces of ice on top of the lid of the jar. Watch the top of the jar carefully and you will see a cloud begin to form. After observing the cloud in the jar, remove the lid and watch the cloud escape out of the jar.

Can you make a cloud in a jar?

Here’s what you do: Swirl the water to warm the jar. Place the lid upside down on top of the jar. Watch as the cloud forms inside the jar. After the cloud fills the jar, you can remove the lid to watch the cloud escape.