Where are GE Appliances manufactured?

Where are GE Appliances manufactured?

Where are GE Appliances manufactured?

Louisville, KY
Louisville, KY. Our global headquarters in Louisville, Ky. is located at Appliance Park, a massive, 750-acre industrial park established in 1951. Home to 7,100 employees, including 900 design and manufacturing engineers, the Louisville location includes five manufacturing plants and is so large it has its own zip code.

Where are GE Appliances made 2021?

GE Appliances Invests $62 Million to Build High-End Refrigerators and Expand Capacity at Massive Manufacturing Facility in Louisville, Ky., Creating 260 New Jobs. LOUISVILLE, Ky.

Is GE getting out of the appliance business?

GE parted ways with its century-old Appliances business today, selling the unit to Haier for $5.6 billion. β€œThe sale of GE Appliances is another step in the company’s portfolio transformation and its mission to become the world’s leading digital-industrial company,” GE Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt said in a statement.

Is GE Appliances owned by Haier?

GE sold its appliance business β€” not the entire company β€” to Haier for $5.4 billion in 2016, not recently. The purchase enabled GE to focus on its industrial business of jet engines and power tribunes, instead of washing machines and finance, the Wall Street Journal reported at the time of the deal.

When did GE Appliance Park in Louisville Ky open?

A 1,000-acre campus with its very own zip code, GE Appliances’ legendary Appliance Park has been an integral part of the Louisville community since it first opened in 1951. In those 65 years, Appliance Park has seen its share of modifications and upgrades, including a facility-wide recycling program,…

How many people work at GE in Louisville?

There are more than 6,500 employees who work for the company in the Louisville area. More information on the newly created jobs and other open production positions can be found online at www.ibuiltthis.com. At GE Appliances we make the world a better place, and our team is committed to leading in the communities where we live and work.

How much money has GE invested in Kentucky?

Since 2017, GE Appliances has invested $360 million in Appliance Park and has expanded its workforce through the creation of more than 660 new jobs. GEA operations in Kentucky generate an annual economic impact of $11 billion.

Are there any manufacturing jobs in Louisville Ky?

GE Appliances in Louisville, Kentucky is accepting job applications for both full-time and part-time manufacturing production jobs. There is a continuous need for full-time and part-time production opportunities.