Where can I camp on the Gibb River Road?

Where can I camp on the Gibb River Road?

Where can I camp on the Gibb River Road?

Camping on the Gibb River Road

  • Birdwood Downs Station.
  • Windjana Gorge.
  • Mt Hart Wilderness Lodge.
  • Bell Gorge.
  • Mornington Wilderness Camp.
  • Charnley River Station.
  • Manning Gorge/Mt Barnett.

Where do you stop on the Gibb River Road?

The Best Spots Along the Gibb River Road

  • Tunnel Creek. Further down the road from Windjana Gorge is Tunnel Creek, a 750 metre long underground tunnel, and Western Australia’s oldest cave system.
  • Bell Gorge.
  • Adcock Gorge.
  • Galvans Gorge.
  • Manning Gorge.
  • Mitchell Falls.
  • El Questro.

Can you free camp on the Gibb River Road?

We usually choose to free camp but while travelling The Gibb River Road we were happy to stay at campgrounds, some within cattle stations as large as 3.5 million acres! We came from the Eastern Kununurra end and the free camp options were minimal anyway.

Do you need a 4WD for Gibb River Road?

A four-wheel drive is highly recommended for anyone planning to tackle the Gibb. Ensure that it’s well prepared beforehand, paying particular attention to any small problems. Vehicle suspension should be in excellent condition as the corrugations could cause some potentially trip-stopping damage if you don’t.

Do you need a snorkel for Gibb River Road?

You wont need a snorkel for river crossings on the Gibb River Road that time of year, but if its very dry your air filter would not get quite as dusty if you had one.

Is Gibb River Road Safe?

The Gibb River Road conditions have a bad reputation. The trip is often portrayed as a rough and challenging drive. Four wheel driving the Gibb River Road is a big adventure for most Kimberley travellers. Especially people without 4WD experience are often nervous about tackling it.

What should I bring to Gibb River Road?

Things you’ll need

  • A spare fuel tank (or two)
  • A weeks’ worth of food – there’s only one shop on the Gibb River Road and it’s incredibly overpriced – they do sell coffee though!
  • At least one spare tyre – it’s definitely more sensible to bring two, but it depends if you have room.

Is the Gibb River Road Safe?

How long does it take to drive the Gibb River Road?

The Gibb is a 660-kilometre track accessible between April and October, weather dependent. This itinerary is based on visiting the major attractions along the Gibb River Road. Allow 7-14 days to experience all the Gibb has to offer, or choose your “must-see” locations for a shorter trip!

What car do you need for Gibb River Road?

four-wheel drive
A four-wheel drive is required to tackle the Gibb River Road, but for the majority of the time not for the reasons you’d expect. The trait that is vital for a vehicle driving the Gibb River Road is robustness, with a four-wheel drive’s sturdiness and build strength much greater than what a 2WD can generally provide.

Is the Gibb River Road suitable for caravans?

Gibb River Road Standard caravans are not suitable. There are several options to store your caravan in Broome and surrounds and consider hiring camping equipment instead. In Broome, Keshi Storage and Progressive Supplies offer caravan storage.