Where did Thomas Mitchell go?

Where did Thomas Mitchell go?

Where did Thomas Mitchell go?

Some of the places Mitchell named on his expeditions were: the Avoca River, Balonne River, Belyando River, Campaspe River, Cogoon River, Discovery Bay, Glenelg River, Grampians, Maranoa River, Mount Arapiles, Mount King, Mount Macedon, Mount Napier, Mount William, Nyngan, Pyramid Hill, St George, Swan Hill and Wimmera …

What did Thomas Mitchell discover?

With a reputation as a meticulous worker, he laid out towns, road routes and reserves, filled in vital gaps in inland maps, and discovered much of the best farming land in western Victoria and central Queensland. Born in Scotland on 15 June 1792, Mitchell joined the army in 1811.

Where did Thomas Mitchell go to school?

University of Oxford
The University of Edinburgh
Thomas Mitchell/College

Did Thomas Mitchell have children?

Blanche Mitchell
Emily MitchellCamilla Victoria MitchellLivingstone Mitchell
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Did Thomas Mitchell win an Oscar?

Mitchell was nominated for two Academy Awards, for Best Supporting Actor for his work in the films, The Hurricane (1938), and Stagecoach (1939), winning for the latter….Thomas Mitchell (actor)

Thomas Mitchell
Died December 17, 1962 (aged 70) Beverly Hills, California, U.S.
Resting place Chapel of the Pines Crematory
Occupation Actor writer

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Gerald O’Hara
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What was the name of Sir Thomas Mitchell’s expedition?

From Vol. 1 of: Three expeditions into the interior of Eastern Australia : with descriptions of the recently explored region of Australia Felix, and of the present colony of New South Wales / by T.L. Mitchell. London, T. & W. Boone, 1838. Despatches and map relating to Sir Thomas Mitchell’s exploration to the north.

What did Thomas Mitchell do for a living?

A larger-than-life character whose passions included the study of fossils, poetry and the mechanical and scientific arts, Mitchell looms large in Australian colonial history. Sir Thomas Livingstone Mitchell was Surveyor-General of New South Wales from 1828 to his death in 1855.

When did Thomas Mitchell become a surveyor general?

In 1827 he took up an appointment as Assistant Surveyor General of New South Wales. The following year he became Surveyor General and remained in this position until his death. Mitchell was knighted in 1839 for his contribution to the surveying of Australia.

What kind of award does Thomas Mitchell have?

Mitchell is also the namesake in the highest honour of the New South Wales Surveyors Awards, the Sir Thomas Mitchell Excellence in Surveying Award.