Where is green tea grown in China?

Where is green tea grown in China?

Where is green tea grown in China?

As regions go, the Western Belt of provinces(Guizhou, Sichuan, and Yunnan) are the largest producers of green tea, contributingapproximately 40% of China’s total.

How many tea plantations are there in China?

Others put the number at more than 1,000. Some of the variations are due to different strains of the Camillia plant. The best known areas for tea plantation is Yunan province and Fujian province. Nowadays, the tea plantation industry is present in most of the provinces in China.

Where does tea grow in China?

In China tea is produced over a large part of the country from Hainan Island down in the extreme south to Shandong Province in the north and from Tibet in the southwest to Taiwan across the Straits. The tea growing areas in China can be divided into four main regions- Jiangbei, Jiangnan, Linglan and the Southwest.

Where is the best tea grown in China?

The best tea growing areas of China are in the south-east and comprise Zhejiang, Fujian and Anhui provinces. These coastal areas have a moist climate and feature several mountain ranges. To this area can be added Yunnan Province in the south-west.

Which country drink tea most?

India is the world famous tea consuming country. People in India drink approximately 6,200,000 tons tea every year. Next biggest tea consuming country is China, then England, and Japan.

What brands of tea are grown in China?

10 Most Famous Chinese Teas

  • Long Jing (Dragon Well Tea 龙井)
  • Huangshan Maofeng Tea (Yellow Mountain Fur Peak 黄山毛峰)
  • Biluochun Tea (Green Snail Spring 碧螺春)
  • Tieguanyin (Iron Goddess 铁观音)
  • Junshan Yinzhen Tea (Master Mountain Silver Needle 君山银针)
  • Keemun Tea (Qimen Black Tea 祁门红茶)
  • Da Hong Pao (Large Red Robe 大红袍)

Which country has the best tea?

The World’s Top Tea-Producing Countries

Rank Country Production in Tons
1 China over 2 million
2 India 1.2 million
3 Kenya 432,400
4 Sri Lanka 340,230

Which country produces the most tea in the world?

China remained the largest tea producing country with an output of 1.9 million tonnes, accounting for more than 38 percent of the world total, while production in India, the second largest producer, also increased to reach 1.2 million tonnes in 2013.

Which is the oldest tea plantation in China?

Longjing Tea or dragon well tea of more than 1200 years old is the No. 1 tea in China and regarded as the “Green Queen”. Visit Longjing Tea plantations in Hangzhou to appreciate the charming verdant sightseeing and know more about the culture of tea and Chinese nation.

When is the best time to visit Longjing tea plantation?

And if you plan to taste the new Longjing Tea of the year, you can visit Meijiawu Village during April and May, especially before and after the Tomb Sweeping Day in China. If you are want to know more about the tea and interested in the culture of tea, you shall not miss this tea exploration program.

How to visit the meijiawu tea plantation in China?

Step into a tea plantation at Meijiawu Village and pick tea leaves by hand. Learn from a local tea specialist the process of stir-drying tea, and the art of making tea. Visit the China National Tea Museum to glean a general idea of Chinese tea classification and history.

How big is the Longjing tea plantation in Hangzhou?

Surrounded by the super high mountains, Longjing Village is not only the residence of over 800 people but the growing plantation of near 800 acres of Longjing Tea as well.