Where is Higuain now?

Where is Higuain now?

Where is Higuain now?

Inter Miami CF#9 / Forward
Gonzalo Higuaín/Current teams

Why did Madrid sell Higuain?

Real Madrid sold Gonzalo Higuain because Florentino Perez ‘doesn’t like Argentines’, claims Napoli striker’s father. Gonzalo Higuain’s father has launched an extraordinary attack on Florentino Perez and claimed the Real Madrid president only sold his son because he ‘doesn’t like Argentines’.

Why did Higuain leave Napoli?

“The decision to leave was not mine. I gave everything for Juventus, I won several titles, after which Cristiano arrived. “The club wanted to make a leap in quality and they told me that I could not stay and that they were trying to find a solution. The best solution was Milan.”

How old is Higuain?

33 years (10 December 1987)
Gonzalo Higuaín/Age

Which team is Higuain?

How tall is Higuain?

1.86 m
Gonzalo Higuaín/Height

Who is better Higuain or Benzema?

Benzema is 1.55 times better than the average goal scorer while Higuaín is 1.93 times superior, i.e. they both perform above the average of a group that includes players from all league positions (based on WhoScored data).

When did Higuain leave Real Madrid?

Gonzalo Higuaín

Personal information
2007–2013 Real Madrid (107)
2013–2016 Napoli (71)
2016–2020 Juventus (48)
2018–2019 → Milan (loan) (6)

Which club is Higuain playing for?

Is Higuain bald?

FORMER Chelsea striker Gonzalo Higuain has undergone a drastic transformation by shaving his head and growing a mega-beard. The Inter Miami striker is barely recognisable from his time with the Blues when he still had hair on his head. One wrote: “I refuse to believe this is Higuain.”

Are Gonzalo and Federico Higuain?

Gonzalo Higuain, right, and his brother Federico Higuain have partnered to help Inter Miami to an … Gonzalo’s older brother Federico is well-known in MLS circles from his eight-year tenure with the Columbus Crew before joining his brother in Miami (after a brief stint in D.C.)