Where is the Flute in Zelda SNES?

Where is the Flute in Zelda SNES?

Where is the Flute in Zelda SNES?

Found: Forest clearing in the Light World to the southeast of Kakariko Village. In the Dark World in the comparable clearing, the transformed Flute Player will give you his Shovel, asking you to find his Flute.

What does the Flute do in Legend of Zelda?

The Flute is an item that can be played to stop flying enemies for about eight seconds in The Wand of Gamelon. It costs 5 Rubies per use. It is received from the Hungry Girl in Kobitan after Zelda gives her an Arpagos Egg.

Who should I give the flute to Genshin?

So far, Qiqi, Jean and Keqing are the only Genshin Impact characters that greatly benefit from equipping The Flute.

What is Zelda’s flute called?

-hole ocarina
The ocarina is a wind musical instrument—a type of vessel flute….Ocarina.

A mono-chamber 12-hole ocarina
Classification Wind, Woodwind, Aerophone
Related instruments

Is Flute good for Ayaka?

9 The Flute An apt weapon for celebrating the frozen and shattered corpses of Ayaka’s enemies with a musical number, The Flute is impressive as far as affordable four-star weapons go. Ayaka will surely thrive on the high base attack and desirable secondary stat.

Is Flute good for Qiqi?

Weapons. Lastly, “The Flute” is a good weapon for Qiqi because it has the chance to give normal and charged attacks to gain harmonics. Stacking 5 harmonics will deal damage to nearby enemies. The Flute can be obtained through Gacha rolls.

Does Link play a Flute?

He tells Link that his son went off in search of the Golden Power and never returned. He then asks Link to give it to his father. He finally requests Link to play the Flute so he can hear it one last time. After Link plays the Flute, the boy petrifies into a tree and his apparitions cease to exist in the Light World.