Where is tyrande whisperwind?

Where is tyrande whisperwind?

Where is tyrande whisperwind?

Temple of the Moon
Tyrande Whisperwind faction leader located in the Temple of the Moon, in the elven city of Darnassus. This NPC can be found in Darnassus . Tyrande Whisperwind is the High Priestess of Elune, one of the leaders of the Night Elves, and ruler of Darnassus.

Does Tyrande love Illidan?

After being passed over for his twin brother, suffering 10,000 years of imprisonment, and being rejected by the one he loved most, Illidan delivered Tyrande safely to Malfurion. She was astonished by his actions, and truly taken aback by his loyalty.

Are Malfurion and Tyrande married?

Tyrande Whisperwind, despite being married to Malfurion, was the love interest to Malurion’s brother, Illidan Stormrage. Tyrande Whisperwind is the high priestess to Elune and thus after the fall of Queen Azshara, is now the leader of the Night Elves (or Kaldorei in their native tongue).

Why does Tyrande have black eyes?

After Tyrande completed her ritual to become the Night Warrior, they attacked the Horde in order to avenge the Burning of Teldrassil and also to drive their forces out from Darkshore. Contrary to other night elves, they have black eyes due to the Night Warrior ritual.

Does Tyrande hate the Horde?

It seems that Tyrande doesn’t like Horde races, even those who are neutral.

Who is Tyrande’s daughter?

Shandris Feathermoon
Shandris Feathermoon, Tyrande’s daughter, is touched by dreams as well. Even now, she travels to the Eternal City.

How did Nathanos beat Tyrande?

We could finally watch one of the key cinematics of the upcoming lore, Nathanos got decapitated by Tyrande, off-screen of course.

Is Nathanos in love with Sylvanas?

In Legion, Nathanos got a face-lift that made him a big sexy undead beefcake, and the game revealed that he and Sylvanas had been in love. After Sylvanas died, she found his mind-controlled zombie and liberated him, and their relationship has been explored through lore stories and in-game interactions since.