Which is the best tapas bar in Barcelona?

Which is the best tapas bar in Barcelona?

Which is the best tapas bar in Barcelona?

Tapeo – This tapas bar opened first in the Born neighborhood, and has fairly recently opened a second location in Gracia. The options are interesting with well-known classics and interesting twists. Highly recommendable! Carrer de Montcada 29 (Born) and Carrer de Topazi 8 (Gracia).

Why are they called tapas in dive bars?

The word tapa harks back to the days when these small dishes meant for sharing had to be covered with a “tapa,” or lid, to protect them from the swarms of flies that inhabited the dive bars that served them.

What’s the best dish to eat in Barcelona?

Top dishes here include the Spanish omelet with chorizo sausage (arguably the best tortilla in the city), the tuna tartare, the grilled monkfish, the whole grilled squid, the baby squid and chickpea casserole, as well as any specials of the day.

What was the origin of Tapa Tapa restaurant?

The origin of TAPA TAPA was our wish to create new venues where everybody could share moments like that. It’s been over 25 years… and many more will come! We’ve come a long way and today, at Tapa Tapa, our guests enjoy the typical tapas with our personal touch.

Which is the best place to eat tapas?

That’s why our chefs buy their products daily, choose them with great care, and, along with their cuisine team, prepare and cook our famous tapas in an open kitchen for all the guests to see. Once you taste our tapas, you’ll probably want to come back over and over. But, let us warn you: They are highly addictive!

Where are the best places to eat in Barcelona?

Most of the other classics are seafood dishes: mussels, octopus, squid, salted cod, and grilled sardines. Situated just off busy Passeig Sant Joan, one of Barcelona’s trendiest eating and drinking streets, Teòric is popular with Barcelonians in the know.