Who are the members of the band Urbandub?

Who are the members of the band Urbandub?

Who are the members of the band Urbandub?

ABOUT THE BAND: Urbandub is Gabby Alipe (Vocalist / Guitarist), Lalay Lim (Bassist), John Mendoza (Drummer) and John Dinopol (Lead Guitarist).

Where does Urbandub come from in the Philippines?

A Philippine-based band proudly waving the banner of hometown Cebu, Urbandub is growing to be a titan, a superpower of the Pinoy independent rock movement. Local or International, they’re jet-set to stir up waves, raising the level for today’s modern angst.

When did Jed Honrado leave the band Urbandub?

With the release of their second effort, INFLUENCE (Lighter Records), Urbandub took on a new form, changing their sound with a new drummer (From Jed Honrado to Jerros Dolino). Jerros continued to record tracks with band, but left sometime in 2003 when he decided to leave for undisclosed reasons.

What was the first song Urbandub ever released?

Urbandub’s debut album suffered distribution problems due to the lack of support from major record companies. Later in the year, their first single “Come” was released and accompanied with a music video funded by Sonic Boom productions. The following singles from the album included “Boy”, “Give”, and “Would You Go”.

About Urbandub. Urbandub was a rock band from Cebu City, Philippines. Since its inception in 2000, the band’s line-up consisted of Gabby Alipe, John Dinopol, Lalay Lim, and JanJan Mendoza. According to the lead vocalist Gabby Alipe, behind the band’s name:

Which is the best album by Urbandub?

Studio albums 1 Birth (2001) 2 Influence (2003) 3 Embrace (2005) 4 Under Southern Lights (2007) 5 The Apparition (2009) 6 Esoteric (2013)

What does Urbandub’s mark on his right eye mean?

Urbandub was interviewed in Animax and later on performed in a show aired on Animax called Mad Mad Fun. The mark on Gabby Alipe’s right eye isn’t a scar nor a tattoo. In an interview, he stated that it is a birthmark shaped like Cebu island.