Who bought Cumberland Mine?

Who bought Cumberland Mine?

Who bought Cumberland Mine?

Contura Energy Inc. has officially closed on the transaction with Iron Senergy Holding LLC (Iron Senergy) for the divestment of the Cumberland mine and related assets in Greene County, Pennsylvania.

Where was Cumberland Coal mine?

Cumberland Mine is an underground mine, operated by Cumberland Coal Resources, a subsidiary of Contura Energy, producing 6.4 miillion short tons per annum, near Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, United States.

Who owns iron senergy?

Tim Runyan – Chief Operating Officer – Iron Senergy | LinkedIn.

Who bought Contura energy?

2011, Massey Energy acquisition The merged company (54% owned by Alpha Natural Resources) would be the leading producer of metallurgical coal in the US and have the second largest reserves of coal (5.1 billion tons).

What happened Contura energy?

22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Contura Energy, Inc. (NYSE: CTRA), a leading U.S. supplier of metallurgical products for the steel industry, today announced that it will change its name, effective February 1, 2021, to Alpha Metallurgical Resources, Inc.

What does Contura mean?

A user from Germany says the name Contura is of Hungarian origin and means “The radiant one”.

Is Alpha Natural Resources still in business?

Alpha Natural Resources exists today primarily as the result of two mergers, one in July 2009 (Foundation Coal and Alpha Natural Resources, Inc.) and another in January 2011 (US$7.1 billion acquisition of Massey Energy).

Who bought out Alpha Natural Resources?

Contura Energy
Alpha Natural Resources

Type Private
Founded 2002
Fate acquired by Contura Energy
Headquarters Kingsport, Tennessee, United States
Key people David J. Stetson (CEO, Chairman)

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