Who has the best defense in the NFL statistically?

Who has the best defense in the NFL statistically?

Who has the best defense in the NFL statistically?

Team Defense

1 Los Angeles Rams 85.89
2 Baltimore Ravens -17.69
3 Pittsburgh Steelers 33.24

Who has the best defensive in the NFL 2020?

Tier 1

  • Los Angeles Rams.
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers.
  • Denver Broncos.
  • Washington Football Team.
  • Baltimore Ravens.
  • New Orleans Saints.
  • San Francisco 49ers.

Who blitzes the most in the NFL 2020?

Third-Down Defensive Performance — 2020

Defense Defense Grade Blitz Rate
49ers 68.6 51%
Ravens 66.6 61%
Chiefs 62.7 42%
Cardinals 58.5 47%

Who got double-teamed the most in the NFL?

Donald was double-teamed more than 70% of the time, while Watt was less than 20% of the time. Watt had a truly fantastic season.

Who has the best D line in the NFL?

1. Aaron Donald, Los Angeles Rams. One of the best D-linemen in NFL history, Donald has amassed over 100 total pressures in three of the last four seasons, including 2020; 80 pressures signify a great year for an edge rusher.

How much does Aaron Donald get doubled?

Not surprisingly, Donald is all alone as one of the most efficient pass rushers in the upper-right corner. As Walder points out, Donald is being doubled 70.5% of the time, which is about 5% more than he was last season.

Who led the NFL in sacks in 2018?

Aaron Donald
Aaron Donald amassed 20.5 sacks during the 2018 regular season, which was 4.5 more than the nearest competitor.

Who are the top 5 NFL receivers right now?

NFL wide receiver rankings 2021

  • Davante Adams, Packers (6-1, 215 pounds)
  • Stefon Diggs, Bills (6-0, 191 pounds)
  • DeAndre Hopkins, Cardinals (6-1, 212 pounds)
  • Tyreek Hill, Chiefs (5-10, 185 pounds)
  • Allen Robinson, Bears (6-2, 220 pounds)
  • A.J. Brown, Titans (6-0, 226 pounds)
  • Justin Jefferson, Vikings (6-1, 202 pounds)