Who is AP Human Rights Commission chairman?

Who is AP Human Rights Commission chairman?

Who is AP Human Rights Commission chairman?

Justice M Seetharama Murti
Retired High Court judge Justice M Seetharama Murti will become the chairperson of the State Human Rights Commission, and retired district judge Dande Subramanyam (judicial) and advocate Dr G Srinivasa Rao (non-judicial) will become its members.

How can I join Human Rights Commission in Hyderabad?

How to join

  1. Whatsapp on 8108410031 and Ask for the Membership Form.
  2. Print the Form on Legal Size Paper.
  3. Fill the form in BLOCK letters.
  4. Attach 2 passport size photos.
  5. Attach Aadhar Card Xerox.
  6. Joining Fees to be paid by DD or Online.
  7. All documents to be sent by Govt.

Who appoints human rights commissioner?

the Governor
The Chairperson and members of the SHRC are appointed by the Governor, on the recommendation of a committee consisting of: The Chief Minister (chairperson) The Home Minister. The Leader of the Opposition in the legislative council.

How do I file a complaint with the Human Rights Commission?

Complaint Procedure Unit You can also send your complaint by email at [email protected] or to any country or regional office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

What does NHRC stand for?

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) was established on October 12, 1993.

Who is the first chairman of NHRC?

Justice Shri Ranganath Misra
Former Chairpersons and Members

S.No. Name Date of Assumption
1 Justice Shri Ranganath Misra 12.10.1993
2 Justice Shri M.N. Venkatachalliah 26.11.1996
3 Justice Shri J.S. Verma 04.11.1999
4 Dr. Justice A.S. Anand 17.2

What are the 7 human rights in India?


  • Significance and characteristics.
  • Right to equality.
  • Right to freedom.
  • Right against exploitation.
  • Right to freedom of religion.
  • Right to life.
  • Cultural and educational rights.
  • What is the retirement age of NHRC members?

    Term of office: The Act states that the chairperson and members of the NHRC and SHRC will hold office for five years or till the age of seventy years, whichever is earlier.

    Can NHRC give punishment?

    ALLAHABAD: The Allahabad high court has held the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) cannot pass an order imposing any punishment on erring police officers. Also, the rights body cannot ask the officers to pay any compensation.